12 Natural Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair


Looking beautiful and healthy hair is possible if you follow certain guidelines that will help keep your hair nourished, looking silky, shiny and manageable. A good diet, proper brushing, using the right products, among others.women with healthy hair

To avoid that the hair is brittle, dry, to be able to give back the radiance, look radiant, silky, here are some tips for beautiful hair:

1. Avoid high Temperatures

Taking hot water showers can harm your hair, so avoid washing it with very hot water, use warm water and rinse with water at room temperature or below, this will help keep hair beautiful, radiant, look healthy.

2. Avoid Dryers

Currently, it is very common to use a dryer, iron, tongs, among other devices that facilitate the hairstyle, however, use them constantly mistreat the hair, therefore, it is advisable to limit its use.

3. Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner

Nowadays, there is a great variety of products for hair care, and it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right one, for this, first, it is necessary to take into account the type of hair you have, also choose products containing natural ingredients, avoid containing sulfates. It is not good to wash your hair daily.

4. Let the hair dry perfectly

Allow your hair to dry completely before tying as besides accumulating unpleasant odors, it could make the hair look unhealthy and aid the growth of bacteria.

5. Prefer Herbal Products

Opt for natural herbal products, with essential oils, herbs, which for their properties will help keep hair beautiful and healthy.

6. Get The Right Vitamins & Minerals

A diet rich in Vitamin-C & E and other mineral is required to maintain natural health of your hair. Here you can know about what are these essential vitamins and minerals that also promote hair growth. Read: 11 Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Hair Growth

7. Be Gentle With Your Hair

Comb gently and not in a hurried way as you might damage their roots as well. If it is very tangled, unroll it carefully, this to prevent it from breaking, use a good conditioner, it does not have to be daily, but if at least once a week.

8. Properly Hydrate

In addition to a balanced diet to have beautiful and healthy hair, it is advisable to hydrate properly, this consuming at least two liters per day of water. This is essential, for the health of the skin and hair.

9. Protect your hair from the Sun’s Rays

If you are on the beach or exposed to the sun for a long time, it is advised that the hair is protected with a cap, or cloth, umbrella so as to avoid graying of hair.

10. Use natural face masks to nourish hair

At least once a week make homemade masks using milk, honey, avocado, egg, among other natural products. It will help make your hair silky, beautiful, healthy.

11. Avoid Dye

Although hair looks beautiful with a uniform color it is necessary to take care of what kind of dyes, and how often they are used, since they contain harmful chemicals, which are damaging the hair, therefore, do not mistreat your hair using too many dyes and avoid altogether if possible.

12. Apply Essential Oils At Night

Applying Oils like coconut and almond at night before going to sleep not only aids in good sleep but nourishes the scalp, making roots of your hair stronger thus reduce hair fall.


Maintaining and having beautiful and healthy hair can be part of the lifestyle, if you follow these guidelines that have been suggested, it does not have to be a difficult task. Since as well as taking care of other areas of the body, hair also needs special care, so when caring for it, use appropriate products, and take time to do so, a good massage, a good brushing before bed.Also make use of essential oils like those of almonds, coconut, that will strengthen and maintain beautiful hair, enjoy to show it and to comb it.

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