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Restless Leg Syndrome – Willis-Ekboma – Treatment

Excessive mobility of the lower extremities may be a symptom of the so-called restless legs syndrome. And this pathology must be taken under control as soon as possible. A constant desire to move your legs can...
bad odor

Home Remedies For The Armpit Odour

For many people, the constant underarm odor is an annoying and frustrating problem that is hard to get rid of. Whether due to a stressful lifestyle, an inadequate diet, some illness or hormonal problems, the...

How To Relieve Itchy Eyes

Do you feel intense stinging and are you tempted to scratch your eyes constantly? There are various causes that can cause itching and it is very important to pay attention to these discomforts, since the eyes are one of the most delicate...

Potato Juice for Stomach Ulcers

Potato juice is an excellent home remedy to aid in the treatment of ulcer in the stomach because it exerts an antacid action. A good way to improve the taste of this juice is to...

How to Firm the Abdomen After Pregnancy

After the birth of the baby, many women face the problem of having to recover their ideal weight and, above all, wear a belly as before delivery. A task that must be addressed from several...

Home Remedies for Allergies in the Eyes

A great home remedy for eye allergy is to apply cold water compresses that can help to immediately relieve irritation, or resort to plants like Chamomile to make tea that can be applied to...

Home Remedies for Otitis

A proper home remedy for otitis, which is an inflammation in the ear that causes intense ear pain and headache, is to drink a tea prepared with orange peels and other medicinal plants, and...
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Hyperhidrosis Symptoms and Treatment

Have you noticed that you sweat in a much more abundant way than the other people around you? You may be suffering from a disease that affects your sweat glands. Here we tell you...

Home Remedy for Shortness of Breath

A great home remedy for shortness of breath caused by respiratory complications is watercress syrup due to its anti-inflammatory properties, expectorants and decongestants, which decrease the symptoms of illnesses such as influenza, cold, asthma...
Digestive System & Intestines

Home Remedies for Intestinal Infection

One of the best remedies for intestinal infection is homemade whey prepared with water, sugar and salt, as it helps replenish minerals and water that is lost through diarrhea.  These symptoms vary according to age,...

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