10 Myths About Makeup and Reality


Sure you’ve heard so many myths about makeup. For example, that can cause the appearance of pimples, pimples or blackheads, or that has no expiration date and you can use it for an undetermined time.girl applying makeup

However, knowing the truth behind these beliefs will help you take care of your skin and your health. That’s why we share a list of 10 beauty facts to facilitate your makeup routine without taking a single drop of myths in you.

Myth # 1: The blue shadows are outdated


The latest makeup trends say the opposite: blue and turquoise tones are in fashion.

Myth # 2: Dark delineation increases the size of your eyes


The dark outline makes your eyes more striking, but it creates an effect of sunken eyes and, as a result, they seem smaller.

Myth # 3: The color of your eyebrows should be 2 shades darker than your hair


Follow this rule only if you have light hair. Dark-haired girls should avoid having dark eyebrows, make their face look rougher.

Myth # 4: The base for makeup damages the skin


Modern products to tone your face contain many healthy ingredients, sunscreens and components that protect your skin. The fundamental thing is to choose a product that goes with your skin type.

Myth # 5:  BB Cream replaces the base for makeup


In addition to moisturizing the skin, the BB Cream make your tone more homogeneous, but do not create the same coverage as a foundation.

Myth # 6: You can use waterproof mascara every day


If there is no risk of rain or you have no other need to use waterproof mascara, we recommend a normal one. At the end of the day you will need much more effort and products to eliminate this mascara, and if you rub too much your lashes can weaken, break or fall.

Myth # 7: Cosmetics are not damaged


If you do not take care of your cosmetics properly they will be damaged. It is advisable to store them in places with warm temperatures and away from the sun’s rays.

Myth # 8: You do not need to wash your makeup brushes if you only use them


It does not matter if you only use them, your brushes come into contact with a large number of surfaces and things all the time, generating bacteria that derive in skin diseases over time.

Myth # 9: Cosmetics do not expire


All cosmetics have an expiration date and manufacturers always mention it on the packaging with a special sign. The count starts when you open the product.

Myth # 10: It’s okay if you sleep with makeup


When we sleep, the skin renews itself and becomes fresher and hydrated. If you leave the makeup throughout the night your pores are clogged, causing dehydration and infections.

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