Tips and Tricks For Applying Lipstick


Good lipstick can completely transform your look or it can be the missing piece that perfectly complements your whole vision. To make you look irresistible with your favorite shades, we suggest you take inspiration from a few easy-to-use tips that even professionals use.lipstick-lips

1. Achieve long-lasting color

Some lipsticks look great, but after application, they begin to fade and lose their saturated charm. For long-lasting results, first, apply a layer of lipstick, then lightly soak with a handkerchief, put a little powder and cover with a second coat. This creates a foundation on which to hold the color.

Often liquid shimmering lips disappear too quickly. To extend the effect, first spread a pencil or lipstick, and put a layer of gloss on it. For light shades, it is good to use body pencil tones.

2. Create volume

If you want to give more volume, apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the center of the upper and lower lips. The difference in tone and contour creates a three-dimensional effect. For an even more powerful look, add a border with a pencil, and use only a little gloss in the middle.

3. Turn the bold color into everyday shade

Everyone has a favorite color of lipstick that seems too bold to wear in everyday life. To mitigate tones that look too saturated and brilliant, gently apply a paper to your lips after applying. If necessary, repeat for each lip separately. This method has a matting effect that mitigates intense tones and makes them applicable to everyday surroundings.

You can also apply the lipstick only to the central part, leaving the periphery blank. Brush your lips to spread the color to the edges and achieve a delicate honey effect.

4. Prevent tooth decay

You’ve probably seen a little blot of lipstick printed on your teeth. To avoid this situation, use “finger numbers”. After applying the lipstick, place a finger in your mouth and close your lips. When you pull your finger out, he will pick up the lipstick left on the inside.

5. Do not throw the broken lipstick

If your lipstick breaks, use a handkerchief to lift the broken piece. Then pick up a match or a lighter and gently place it under its edge until it dries. Put it back on the base, press lightly and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

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