Worst Foods That Cause Belly Fat


To show a flat stomach is for many an aesthetic longing, and of course to achieve this it is important to moderate the food we consume in order to eat those lighter and leave aside those that provide us with more fat and calories. But exactly what are the foods that increase the belly and make us gain more weight?

Everything in moderationeating fast

It is important to be clear that in order to maintain a healthy body and a slender figure, it is not necessary to completely eliminate those foods that increase the belly, but to consume them in moderation. Many of these products, for example carbohydrates made with white flour, can be replaced by integral products much more beneficial to our body.

Moderation and intelligent substitution of certain products will help you reduce your belly and lose weight .

Breads and masses of white flour

White flours are simple carbohydrates that give us energy but with little lasting effect. This type of food if consumed in excess usually accumulate in our body in the form of extra kilos and fat.

The breads, buns and pasta of this type can be perfectly replaced by wholemeal flours, which offer a high fiber intake to help improve intestinal transit and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, being much more beneficial for our body.

Bakery and Cookies

Like white flours, these types of products are also considered simple carbohydrates. The pastries and cookies are full of processed sugar and trans fat, ingredients that if ingested in excess can not be burned by our body, so they accumulate increasing our belly and weight.

It is important to take into account that products such as donuts, cakes, croissants, cookies and trinkets do not provide nutrients, vitamins or benefits to our body, so they should be consumed only sporadically.

Fried Snacks

French fries, cheese sticks, nachos and all kinds of caloric and fried snacks are foods with a high content of trans fat and salt, without any nutritional contribution and calorie mined. If in addition to ingesting them often lead a sedentary life, lacking in physical exercise and activity, it is normal that all those calories and fats accumulate in your belly and in other areas such as the hips.

The intake of this type of products must be very sporadic and always without exceeding.

Foods high in fat

Sausages such as sausage, sausages, loin or ham, fatty meats and fried foods should be consumed with extreme moderation because they are foods that increase the belly because its high fat content, as it can not be used completely by our body to produce energy, it becomes fat cells that accumulate in this area.

The recommendation is to opt for light sausages of turkey and chicken, prefer lean meats and avoid fried foods by opting for grilled, baked or steamed dishes.


The alcoholic beverages generate fluid retention and swelling, which in itself will increase your belly . But additionally they provide a huge amount of sugar and calories and increase the permeability of the mucosa of our intestines, causing everything to accumulate in our abdominal area.

Drinking moderately and regularly does not represent a problem, but those who consume alcohol frequently and lead a sedentary life may also see it reflected in their figure.

Refreshments and packaged juices

It is no secret to anyone that soft drinks and packaged juices are full of sugar, dyes and unhealthy additives, which is why they appear on the list of foods that increase the belly if they are ingested frequently. In addition these drinks do not hydrate our body properly, so it is better to opt for water or natural juices to obtain benefits.

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