Why You Need To Dream Everyday


Everyone thought about how to turn their dreams into reality . However, you definitely felt that something was stopping you. Something extremely unpleasant prevents you from accomplishing everything you dream aboutgirl with day makeup

Dreams and goals

There is one incredible story . The mother of the famous psychologist Robert Dilts became seriously ill. He quickly realized that it was not only her state of health that would cure her. Her despondency and psychological state took away all her strength and desire to live.

Then the psychologist decided that he would not stop until he helped his mother to cope with her illness. He seriously approached the task and found out exactly how the dream becomes the goal . He also found out what exactly is preventing us from achieving our dreams.


The first reason is the feeling of hopelessness. She feel that no one was cured of such a disease, therefore she definitely cannot do this.

Many people are holding back precisely by a sense of hopelessness. How to overcome it? Need to find exceptions.

Do you think that no one at your age wears bright clothes, cannot change their profession and lifestyle? This is not true. Here, for example, is the story of Marina, who, in her 70 years, flies around the world, and has exposed more than 2 thousand photos on social networks. And this is not the limit of its capabilities!

This is a glorious exception that can be inspired. A sense of hopelessness destroys dreams, and if there are no dreams and goals in life , then why live?

The second reason that you constantly stop half way is the feeling that you are helpless. How to overcome this?

Suffice it to recall their past achievements. So Robert Dilts reminded his mother how she had successfully overcome poverty in her time and coped with many life difficulties.

The last feeling that can prevent you from making your plans a reality is the feeling of your own worthlessness . Often this feeling is born in connection with the failures of our relatives and close people. If they did not work out, it means that it will not work for me either. This is what so many people think.

The solution is simple – you need to find a new model of behavior. If you cannot find in your family a person who successfully ignores typical ideas about old age, lives happily and can be happy at any age, look.

We wanted to show her photos as an example of true joy and craving for life , which does not depend on age!

Mother Robert Dilts successfully overcame all three negative sensations and recovered. She did something that for a long time considered completely impossible!

No matter how old you are , there is always room for something new. These can be relationships, traveling, or even learning new skills.

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