Why You Must Mind Your Posture


How unpleasant sometimes in the photos to notice his curve, hunched back . This not only looks awful from the outside, but can deliver a lot of discomfort in the future.correct posture tips

Posture formation

It is for the prevention of spinal trouble that every day should be given at least 5 minutes to your back.

Forming a correct posture must be turned into a daily habit. How can you help yourself with this? Try to set a reminder in your phone, or hang a sign in a prominent place with the inscription: “Keep your back!”

Our editorial board recommends that you do exercises for posture formation every day . For example, this is a simple complex.


  1. For the first exercise, sit on your knees, stretch your arms in front of you. On the exhale, spread your arms to the side, on the inhale – pull your arms in front of you and round your back.Now, as you exhale, stretch your arms up, as far back as possible, and as you inhale, pull your arms back in front of you and round your back.Exercise should be done slowly and without jerks.
  2. Perform push-ups on your lap . Not only the back muscles, but also the pectoral muscles are important for a beautiful posture. Exercise is aimed at the development of these muscles.Stand on your knees, put your hands wide so that your fingers are pointing forward. From head to knee there should be one straight line.At the lower point of push-ups it is necessary to touch the floor with the breast. We remind you that each exercise must be done for 1 minute.
  3. The “Boat” exercise is not at all difficult, but it must be performed slowly, carefully observing the rules.Lugs on the stomach, grasp the ankle with your hands and flex as much as you can on the exhale. Try to stretch your legs and pull your shoulders to your knees. Hold this position for three seconds, and then relax. Repeat 60 seconds.
  4. The fourth exercise is also performed in a prone position. On the inhale, it is necessary to extend the right hand back, and on the exhale – to take the starting position. After that, just take your left hand back.
  5. The last exercise is performed with a roller , which you can roll out of your rug or towel.Put a cushion under your upper back, stretch your legs and put your big toes together. Also join your palms. In this position, spend a minute.

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