7 Ways To Stay Awake For Studying Without Coffee


awakeThe natural enemy of sleep has traditionally been caffeine, but it is not the only option to stay awake nor is energy drinks. Staying awake is often a requirement before exam when you put in your last effort for studying. So lets just jump in to see the alternative ways of keeping yourself awake that have no side effects.

1.Drinking Water

When the body needs hydration it runs out of energy: it is essential to drink water to avoid fatigue, fainting, and confusion, as explained by the American Chemical Society.

Drinking water helps lubricate the joints and increase blood flow to transport nutrients such as oxygen and carbohydrates to various parts of the body, including the brain.

2.Chew Gum

When we move our mouths constantly, we keep our minds on alert: the act of chewing increases the circulatory risk and activates certain regions of the brain. The chewing gum also becomes a useful weapon to reduce anxiety, concentrate on an exam and improve reading comprehension.

3.Breath Deeply

Breathing deeply helps
When we breathe calmly we transport more oxygen to different parts of the body and thus increase energy levels. The breathing that helps us reduce stress is that deep, coming from the belly.

4.Illuminate space

If you work for many hours in front of the computer or in an office, it is common for you to catch sleep at some point during the day. This is due to the lack of natural light, which helps us to stay active as it activates brain areas such as the hypothalamus, which is responsible for controlling heart rhythms, which mark the states of sleep and wakefulness.

5.Watch videos of kittens

Undoubtedly, the videos of kittens are the most watched on the Internet, and we already know what the scientific reason is. According to a survey published in June 2105 published in LiveScience in which 7,000 fans of cats participated, the respondents rebelled that these videos increased their energy and positive emotions.

The science explains that when watching the videos of the kittens, the brain produces oxytocin, a hormone that eliminates the cortisol, responsible for stress. Therefore, oxytocin makes us stay awake and in a good mood.

6.Take a walk or do physical activity

If some physical activity is practiced in the drowsy peaks, the fatigue seems to disappear or dissipate. Physical activity, even if it’s just getting up or climbing stairs, generates endorphins, neurotransmitters that reduce stress and fatigue and enhance feelings of euphoria.

7.Music That Makes You Dance

When you hear a music that compels you to dance then keep that music or song in memory. When you feel lethargic, just listen to that song, and it will fill your mind with enthusiasm making you energetic and awake.

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