5 Ways To Start Your Week Positively


women waking upThe alarm clock rings too early, you feel tired and unmotivated again, emails have accumulated on the job, but the motivation just will not come, despite coffee and breakfast. Do you know that? Many people experience the so-called “Monday blues” on the first day of the week. To make things different for you in the future, we have collected some tips for you.

1. Fit for the week with early morning exerciseexercise for menstrual cramp

At the weekend our body relaxes. We are less stressed, which often causes you to get sick on weekends rather than during the week. To get you fit for the new week and not feeling tired and choppy all day, it helps to start Monday with some exercise.

For example, do a short but intense 5-minute workout, something with squats or push-ups. Ride your bike to work instead of taking the car. Or put your daily yoga practice or jogging in the morning. So your circulation gets going, and your immune system is ready for the coming week.

2. Work that you enjoy is motivating on Monday morning

On Mondays, it’s best to do the chores you enjoy. So you get into an effective workflow faster and feel more motivated. For example, first, make a list of all the tasks you need to do this week, and pick one to three of those that you like the most.

Also, on Mondays, tasks that create a quick sense of achievement are ideal. And they also improve the mood and motivate them to keep going.

3. Against the Monday blues – daylight makes you happy

Try to enjoy a lot of natural light every Monday. This can be on the way to work, at lunchtime or even at work itself. There are so-called daylight lamps that emit a light that comes very close to natural sunlight.

Natural light is not only good for our eyes, but also for the psyche. It relaxes and leaves and be happier and more balanced.

4. Well into the week with mood booster smoothies or shakesdiet

Many foods improve our mood naturally. Getting your breakfast cereal, a smoothie, or a shake that will bring you much more than a cup of coffee. Natural mood enhancers are for example:

  • raw cocoa
  • spicy spices, such as chili, ginger, curry
  • nuts

There are also many ingredients that provide extra energy:

  • Sprouts, for example, bean sprouts, cress, broccoli sprouts.
  • Seeds, for example, linseed, hemp seeds, chia seeds.
  • Roots (ground to a powder), for example, turmeric, maca.

Try out what you like and use some of these ingredients for your breakfast shake or, for example, in green smoothies.

5. Reward your dedication on Mondays

On Monday, treat yourself to something you will not allow yourself for the rest of the week, or for which you rarely have time. Maybe a longer lunch break, a piece of cake in the afternoon or something else to look forward to.

Plan a nice activity for the Monday evening to sweeten your day. Meet with friends, take time for a hobby or spend a romantic evening with your partner. So you connect the Monday less with something negative and start to look forward to maybe even Monday.

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