8 Ways To Improve Stress Resistance


10 ways to improve stress resistance Published 02 May 2019. It is said that about 70 percent of visits to the doctor are caused by stress. Perhaps health is a serious reason to pay close attention to the stress factor. Unfortunately, living without stress is an impossible task. But you can reduce their detrimental effect – increase stress resistance. How to do this, let’s talk right now.women waking up

1. The solution is

Remember, any problem always has a solution. Moreover, there are usually several such solutions. In general, you can get out of any confusion, and you need to focus on this. Emotions will not help the cause, and nerves will spoil.

2. Do not keep to yourself

Problems need to be shared.This helps relieve internal stress and is not at all a sign of weakness. This is a sign of a mature person who understands well that keeping everything in oneself is a quick way to earn neurosis and an ulcer.

3. Learning lessons

Treat mistakes and failures as lessons that you can succeed in the future where you were defeated in the past.That is the way people perceive mistakes that achieve a lot in life.

4. See good

Choose the last between a half-empty and half-full glass. For example, if you were fired from your job, think about the fact that you have a great opportunity to find employment with better working conditions or even open your own business. Suck up an optimist in yourself, and life will cease to seem like a solid black stripe.

5. Breathe deeply

In a stressful situation – breathe deeply and slowly. Such breathing relieves tension, calms and relaxes, allowing you to take control of emotions and make informed decisions.

6. Develop physically

A strong, toned and healthy body is a serious weapon in the fight against stress. How to become the owner of such a body? Without sports and proper nutrition – no way. Yes, we are again about healthy lifestyles, if by this time you have not understood that lifestyle is of fundamental importance.

7. Live in contrasts.

A contrast shower is totally beneficial – for skin, health, psychological well-being. It is also suitable for increasing stress resistance, because it strengthens the nervous system and brings the body into a state of tone.

8. Accept the inevitable

Finally, take for granted – stresses are part of life. The same full part of life, like bad weather or runny nose. From this you can not get anywhere. But the stress response can be changed. So change.

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