5 Types of People Become a Favorite Feast For Mosquitoes 5/5 (1)


Not all of us are equally tasty for mosquitoes. It turns out that blood donors have a refined taste and special preferences, scientists found.mosquito

There are 5 types of people who are primarily attacking because their blood is obviously “more delicious”.

People with higher blood sugar

Mosquitoes prefer sweeter blood because it is more nutritious. And so they attack and eat more often with the blood of diabetics.


Because their body produces more lactic acid, which for mosquitoes is like an appetizing delicacy.


Blood creatures are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. Most produce those with larger gauge and extra pounds.

Those with a blood group zero

A study published in the journal Medical Etiology shows that mosquitoes prefer blood group zero people in front of everyone else.

What’s more – our body gives signals that target blood donors which blood group the individual is. So they determine their victims.

Dressed in black

A team of scientists from the University of Florida found that in search of a potential victim the mosquito uses all the senses. Not only smell, but also vision. They successfully distinguish between black, blue and red. And their victims become people dressed mostly in black.

Mosquitoes, in addition to leaving on our skin pimples that itch, carry diseases as well. So doctors advise us to use protective means and repellents.

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