7 Toddler Sore Throat Remedies


The sore throat is a very common symptom of colds and infections such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis. For children it is more difficult to endure sore throat pain because they are often desperate because they can not tolerate the burning, rashes and itching that also makes it difficult for them to eat.Mother & Child

Fortunately there are many alternatives to alleviate this symptom and promote the improvement of the child, however, the idea is to focus on discovering what is the leading cause that is triggering pain to treat the disease and prevent it from continuing.

Steps to follow:

1. To relieve a sore throat in children it is very important to hydrate the child , this can be very difficult because usually, the children do not want to swallow because it hurts. In these cases, it is advisable to avoid cold drinks such as orange juice and prefer hot drinks such as lemonade with honey . The antiseptic properties of the lemon will help to alleviate the irritation and the sweetness of the honey will allow the discomfort when swallowing to be lighter.
2. The chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that can be of great help to relieve a sore throat in children. Just prepare an infusion of hot chamomile and give it to the child to drink. Both the benefits of chamomile and heat will help to prompt a quick improvement. If it is a baby you can give the chamomile in teaspoons so that it absorbs the preparation in sips.

3. Menthol is a very common decongestant in ointments. Making use of preparations with this or another aroma, that heals the congestion, can be of help to alleviate a sore throat in children. Apply the ointment in the throat area and do not remove it. Inhalation plus the contact of the ointment with the skin will help to fight a sore throat.

4. Among the benefits of licorice is its property of thinning the mucosa, decreasing the inflammation present. Try making a licorice tea with honey to relieve a sore throat in children. To prepare the infusion you will need to boil licorice root in two cups of water and add sugar, honey or cinnamon to flavor the drink.

5. The gargles are an excellent option to relieve sore throat in children older than 7 years. Prepare two cups of salted water in a bowl and heat the mixture until it is lukewarm. Then help the child to swish water with salt and bring the mixture to the back of the throat, holding the water for as long as possible without swallowing it. Once the child can no longer stand the water in the throat, it must be expelled in the sink. The process must be repeated until the mixture is finished.

6. Another alternative to relieve a sore throat in children, especially babies, is to rub their chest with branches of eucalyptus and sage. The aroma of these plants is of great help to decongest the airways and promote calm and a restful sleep. You can also apply a wet blanket with warm water and wrap the plants there so that with the steam the effect is more powerful. Always keep the child’s throat warm.

7. Finally, there are many drinks that can help relieve a sore throat, here we offer a list for you to review which are ideal for the child and, remember, the most important thing is to moisturize the throat with water and keep it warm.

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