Tips To Motivate Children


The little ones have a lot of daily activity, but all this energy can be channeled, to enhance the fun and also contribute knowledge, education and values ​​in your life.kid learning school

Encourage children

Children, like adults, need their bodies to be in good physical shape for health reasons, which is why to process all the energy, many parents choose to enroll them in a sports class, which gives them discipline, responsibility , physical and motor skills, communication and interrelation.

Other activities are done to motivate healthy fun, and gradually add skills. These games for children should be determined by the age and personal tastes of each child, so you will feel happy doing the work, without feeling uncomfortable or bored.

If you want to create an exercise routine that promotes health , you can, for example, go for a walk in the woods. A bicycle will always be a great option for you to hang out with your friends and do activity, or maybe encourage you to hit a ball in the park with the family; It also helps you take some time off during the day, to run, jump or perform the games of your choice.

It is important in this time, to limit the time in front of the television, computer or other devices, the less time spent sitting observing these devices, the greater the activities that you will find in movement.

Tips to motivate children

Motivation is a fundamental part of a child’s education. The youngest ones need an external stimulation , since they have not yet developed the one that comes from themselves, that is why the parents play a primordial role.

Before the activity, the father must motivate, in addition to indicating the advantages that will obtain when practicing it. Then we must continue with the support and recognition of the work and the effort made.

A primordial aspect is only to encourage and not to execute the task for the child, since otherwise he will never learn. Ideally, you should understand that you will not always achieve the best results and you will have to keep trying and trying, which will help you manage your emotions and frustration.

Stimulate order in childrenMother & Child

Although physical activity is very important, you should also add learning in the different tasks you perform on the day. An excellent alternative to promote the organization from an early age, is that the child has storage places such as chests and wooden boxes , and provide routines of games where, when finished, the child must collect their belongings.

A box decorated with colorful design , striking and decorated, with elements of the child’s taste is important. In children’s rooms, at all times, there are many items to keep, so it is essential to have boxes of different sizes, for various objects.

They can be used to store toys, paintings, handicrafts, school supplies, clothes or for small items that are placed in a treasure chest, with which the child will learn responsibilities while playing.

The wooden boxes are very resistant, useful, functional, practical and simple to clean, and can be themed to go according to the decoration of the room or the child’s favorite character, they can also have a padding for delicate objects.

The Best children’s games

Group games

Group games are very important in children to develop certain skills. To begin, the game must be adapted to the ages, knowing if all are at similar levels or not, so that there are no advantages or disadvantages. Likewise, the rules must be made known so that everyone understands what it is about.

With the “handkerchief game” they face two children of opposing teams, who must run when the assigned number or word is mentioned, the first to take the handkerchief wins. With the “throwing of coins into glasses” coordination is promoted, besides being very fun.

The “rope game” faces two teams that will have to fight on each side of the rope making strength, so that the opponent passes by. The “activity of the statues” is one of the most executed in children’s parties, for this one music is needed, since when it stops, the children must stay very still.

The “hiding place” is always one of the favorites in many parts of the world through the years. One of the children must count to a certain number and the others hide, if they are discovered they are eliminated.

Jump rope” is one of those games that children perform in all generations, provides a lot of exercise, and this can be done individually or in groups, and even competitions. Another similar is the “rubber band”, where the person who jumps must be overcoming the height.

The individual games

With these the confidence of each one is put to the test, the personal overcoming and the self-esteem . The “I see, I see” is a great option to start small children in games, you should look for objects in the room or outdoor spaces, and give clues about the shape or color, it is an ideal game to keep children entertained during car trips.

“Stone, paper or scissors” is one of the classics, in addition to not needing special complements, it can also be used as a resource to start another activity. Chess is a great strategy game, which can be learned when you are very young, providing a lot of mental dexterity.

Coloring is always a great idea for quiet activities, and children love it, to give it a little more emotion you can guess the figure.

Also with sheet and paper you can play “hanged”, where you must guess quietly, a phrase.

“Bag races” can promote competition in addition to physical exercise . Contestants must stand in a row, with their feet in a bag, when they start the race they must reach another jumping point, so they must have great strength and balance.

You can also play the “treasure hunt”, “mouse and gat”, the “blind hen”, the “game of chairs”, the “wheelbarrow”, construction games, or puzzles, among many others.

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