10 Things Girls Like and Men Don’t Know


Men of the world, there is something you should know: a fundamental principle for a relationship to work, or to conquer that girl that you love is to know what the woman likes or what she looks for in a man. For that reason, as I know that we are a bit complicated, I want to give you some  clues to make your life a little easier , and so you can conquer your girl, or if on the contrary you already have a partner, that you can improve this relationship .girl

I am aware that every woman is a world and that not everyone likes the same thing, but it is also true that there are basic elements in the personality of a man that almost all of us are looking for.

1. The mystery of hard guys.  

There is a great myth that says that girls like “bad boys”, and it is true, I will not deny it, but there is a small point that you should know. When we refer to this term, we do not talk about bad people as many think. “Bad boy” is not the same as “bad boy.” So no, we don’t like to be hurt. We like men with their own personality.  That stands out above others. Men launched and brave . Do not be cut when you tell us what they think. But yes, without being arrogant and rude. All with delicacy . We love determined men and have  things clear.

We are bored by the typical boy who simply does what the rest does, or even does everything the girls tell him. Make no mistake, we don’t want slaves, we want a real man. We love men with character who make their own decisions and know how to say “No” when they play.

2. Great men are the simplest.

We envy that way of being so carefree  but not overdoing, nothing to do with the herbivorous men of Japan  . We admire that way so quickly that you have to find solutions to your problems, without having to give millions of turns to the head and analyze everything without stopping.

Although it seems not, we like it this way, practical,  simple and uncomplicated. We like the fact that a man does not need to try on the same shirt ten times in the end not to decide on any. We like you to always be in a good mood because nothing matters so much that you care so much. It’s simple: don’t worry be happy.

3. Communication as the basis of any relationship.

One of the most basic characteristics we look for in a man is communication. In a relationship, she has to be able to tell you everything, and for you to tell her. It is clear that when problems are not spoken there is no human way to solve them, and it is only achieved that they get worse and worse. Let a great mountain be made from a grain of sand. That’s why you have to talk guys. Women want you to tell us what you feel , what you think. That you tell us anything but do it. It is not good to shut things up, because then it explodes when you least expect it. And logically, it can’t end well.

Save you useless discussions and bad rolls. Tell us things at the time and if it is in person better. No long texts by whatsapp, because we only get misunderstandings. You have to be brave, we’re not going to bite you!

4. We want to be the princess of your story.

Women love to be treated like a queen. Take care of us, pamper us and feel very special. We love that you have details with us, you surprise us when we least expect it, and the typical chocolates on Valentine’s Day do not work. Be original please. Worry more about knowing the things that your girl likes, do not fall into the typical thing that we all like. We want to see interest in you, that you are willing to really know us inside. We love affectionate men, but don’t overdo it, you don’t have to become cloying.

5. We want a chef in our life.

There is nothing sexier than a man behind the stove, preparing a good dinner or a romantic breakfast. A boy who defends himself in the kitchen already has his points earned . My recommendation for the most denied in the kitchen is that you start watching tutorials, which are free. So cheer up! If you cook you will have the pan by the handle, and never better.

6. Man, male please.

Metrosexual, ultramodern, etc. .. Where did the classic man who lived without so many aesthetic concerns go? We like men who take care of themselves, but watch out! up to a point … I think I don’t speak for myself alone if I affirm that we like man not so worried about his physical appearance, and why not, more concerned with other tasks: like reading a good book or learning new things . If you are one of those who profile your eyebrows, combine clothes in a mathematical way, you shave even your arms and pay the annual bonus of the tanning center, you are in luck, we are saving your life. We believe that man must never lose that manly essence, which translates into something indispensable to attract us: pheromones. Although new fashions appear, there are basic things that we always liked and will like: like a good perfume, the smell of after shave, strong arms, an elegant look … Banish once and for all the v-neck t-shirts of your wardrobes , leave the necklines to us, please.

7. More security in yourself.

Surely you will have heard it thousands of times: «To be loved you have to love yourself». Well, you must be clear that security is one of the pillars of seduction. Something that will make you feel better and that we will appreciate in you.

And you may ask, how to get this security? Well, it’s easier than you imagine. You must be able to detect your complexes and try to eliminate them . No one is perfect , keep it clear. And neither is what we are looking for. What we want women is a man who likes, values ​​and feels proud of himself. Insecurities often prevent you from moving forward and achieving your goals. And obviously, all we are inside is what will be projected out. It seems typical but it is so, if you do not feel comfortable with yourself, you get them to not feel comfortable with you either. So you know guys, be insecure!

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