How To Stop Bedwetting At Night Naturally


child in bedEnuresis or bedwetting is one of the most frequent problems in children up to 6 years old, being more common in boys than in females. It is especially active during night and for many parents, it represents a problem, but the reality is that, in addition to being habitual, it has a solution. It is normal that during the first years that the child begins to go to the bathroom by himself, he has difficulties in controlling urine, the important thing is to visit a specialist and follow the recommended treatment, but also at home we can take some measures. Here are few ways to to stop bedwetting at night that too naturally.

Steps to follow:

1. Enuresis can have many causes, from a small bladder, inadequate training in the use of the bathroom, tensions, night fears, sleep disorders (such as sleepwalking, etc.), hormonal problems among others. The important thing is to understand that it is something quite familiar in children and that before urinary incontinence the first thing to do is visit a specialist to determine what causes it.

2. Blueberries are popularly known as one of the best fruits for our bladder, so they are often used in cases of cystitis, which is why they are also recommended as a home remedy to combat enuresis. Give your child a glass of natural blueberry juice every morning and you will see how the picture improves.

3. The dandelion is also popularly known to improve urinary incontinence. It can be eaten in leaves mixed with a salad or stew or infused at least twice a day. Perhaps the best way is to incorporate it into a meal where the child does not notice its presence and administer it once a day.

4. Cinnamon has an astringent touch that also affects the urinary system in a favorable way helping to control enuresis. Chewing a cinnamon stick every night can be very positive to control this problem.Cinnamon

5. It is also important that the child exercises the bladder to strengthen it. A good way to do this is by asking him to hold the urine a bit each time he goes to the bathroom, let go and hold on again, and so on until he empties completely. This will tone the muscles of the area giving favorable effects. If they are very young children, parents should accompany them.

6. Remember not to give too much liquid to the child before going to sleep, especially avoid drinks with caffeine because they are diuretic, it is also important to monitor that the child often go to the bathroom, especially before bedtime.

7. The best natural dry fruit for bedwetting is Dates. All you need to do is to soak 2 dates at night and eat them in morning with milk. In few days you will notice that bedwetting problem is gone.

8. To avoid major damages, cover the mattress with plastic, in this way you will be able to preserve it in good condition. Also you should not bother or scold the child because he urinates in bed, this will only increase the pressure aggravating the problem, patience, positivism and a lot of support to help him overcome the situation.

9. If in addition to bedwetting the child complains of pain when urinating, has frequent incontinence in the day and night, wakes up with much thirst or has other symptoms such as pain in the abdomen and fever, it is very important to see the pediatrician as soon as possible as it could be due to some infection.

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