4 Steps for Controlling Anxiety

Do you ever feel a feeling of fear coming up? You can reframe this feeling by pausing and realizing that fear is nothing more than a thought. And you can let go of a thought, if you know how.anxiety

Dismantling your fears, and gaining more control of them at the same time, can only help you move forward. This way you ensure that you are no longer blocked by your fear, so that situations resolve themselves over time. You see quicker ways out, your brain comes to a solution faster, and your (self) confidence is restored.

How does fear work?

Fear consists of thought patterns. You can dismantle it. Piece by piece, sometimes whole clusters at once. Then weed again, like weeds.

It is also good to get a different view of fear. It is not the fear in itself that gets in the way. How you deal with it. Does your fear make you turn an mosquito into an elephant? Fear often acts as a magnifying glass, making some problems seem more insurmountable than they actually are.

How to deal with fear?girl-showing-elbows

We see people who continue to function and progress despite the fear. How do they do that?

They notice the fear, accept it, and move on. It is important how consciously you deal with your emotions. You can control both your emotions and your thoughts to a certain extent. Don’t be paralyzed and don’t work yourself up to a panic attack. You are in control.

Easier said than done, of course. How do you start this?

Let go of fear

  1. Take a deep breath . With the exhalation you allow tension to flow away. Feel relaxed, jaw muscles, shoulders dropped. Let your tummy relax. This includes your legs and feet.
  2. Focus on what you feel. Do you already notice a slight change in your body?
  3. Put it into perspective . Tell yourself “It’s okay how I feel. I am ready to let go. I let go. I release all tension. I release all fear. I let go of all guilt. I release all sorrow. I let go of old barriers. I let go of what doesn’t help me. I let go. I’m at peace with this. I’m actually safe. ”
  4. Repeat 2 to 3 times.


Every time you feel tense, or have thoughts about how difficult something is, you reach for this technique. Definitely apply it, especially in dark moments or if you can use some calm.

Do you suffer from anxiety regurgitation? Then print this exercise, write it on a post-it and paste it next to your screen, or write it down in your agenda and use it where necessary. By repeating you form a new routine that will pay off.

Does the exercise do nothing for your frequent panic attacks or is it just a (too) short patch? Then there are more intensive solutions. For example, a coaching process or session with someone you can trust, who you can talk to and who guides you with tailor-made exercises or insightful conversations.

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