How To Spot Envious Person – Signs & cCharacteristics


people socializingWe are constantly among people, and we have to somehow interact with them. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, close relatives – all this is the circle of our communication. Unfortunately, among these people there may be an envious/ jealous person who secretly despises us. Such people can spoil life in a quality way, after all, sometimes envy pushes terrible actions.

Envious people are better to recognize in advance and stop communicating with them. So how to spot an envious person at work place or in your social circle? Lets see some of the sings and characteristics of envious person.


If you began to notice that a person constantly compliments you, for which there is not even a reason, it is likely that this is an envious person. Such people often shower compliments, behind which lies only contempt and blind envy. Undiscovered flattery and an abundance of compliments is the first sign of envy.

2.Disdainful attitude to your success

People who are genuinely happy for you, always praise, cheer up and do not miss an opportunity to say what a really good fellow you are. But envious people will pretend that your success is pure water accident. They will most likely tell you that it’s just luck that everyone could do it. Even if it is said it will be joking, know that a person is boiling with envy.

3. Bragging

You met people who at a strange holiday trying to become the center of attention? So do envious people, they will not miss the chance to brag about their achievements, even if they did not make any effort. Be attentive, such people can grasp your success without a twinge of conscience.


A person who inherits your style in clothes or manner of speaking is not necessarily your fan. Most likely, you are envied so much that they are just trying to copy your life. So the envious person feels better.


Competition is the favorite entertainment of envious people. They will continuously fight for leadership, compete with you, something to prove. This is their normal state.

6. The joy of failure

An envious person will be happy if something goes wrong with you. Perhaps he will comfort you, but he will rejoice in his soul.


If you find out that they are gossiping behind you, find out who did it, from whom the initial information came. Here is your envious. Dissolve gossip – another favorite of his occupation.

8.Unreasonable Hatred

If someone hates you for no reason, most likely, he is just jealous. An envious man will continuously break out on you and do dirty tricks. Do not try to please such a person, it’s impossible. Better cross it out of your life.

Envy, gossip, and secret hatred often come from the side where you do not expect. An envious person may even be the closest person, nobody is immune from this. Just carefully monitor the people around you and analyze their behavior. And after discovering the envious person, immediately stop contact with this toxic person.

And do not forget that envy is eating a person from the inside, so try not to envy anyone yourself. We never know for 100 what is going on in a person in life, what kind of struggle it leads, so envious of someone’s success is very, very stupid. You need to monitor your life, get rid of envy, achieve your goals and be sincere. Only then can you become a truly happy person!

And how do you cope with envious people? Share with us in the comments!

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