Self Induced Relaxation Techniques


The techniques of self-induced relaxation or self-induction is to represent internal states in your head taking advantage of the fact that the brain is not able to distinguish whether it is real or imaginary. Girl doing Mindfulness Meditation To Reduce Stress


1.Put yourself in the most comfortable position you can. If you can lie down and with your eyes closed.

2.Keep your eyes closed and be aware of everything that surrounds you: noise, sensations, etc. Feel those areas that are in contact: soil, the pressure of clothing, temperature, humidity, environmental noise.

3.Note that your body produces heat and weighs, try to listen to your heartbeat, be aware of the breathing of your body, let it go to its march, you will see that little by little it is calm, it is taking rest.

4.When your breathing is calm, take a deep breath and visualize the number three.

5. Visualize a sphere of luminous energy the size of a tennis ball, this is your focus that will travel throughout your body.

6. Focus the focus on your hair, relax the scalp.

7. Move your focus to your forehead, relax it. Imagine that the skin that covers your forehead with wrinkles tenses like the skin of a drum leaving it completely smooth, disappearing both wrinkles and worries.

8. Now the focus is divided into two and focuses on the eyes and eyelids, then the ears, cheeks.

9.The focus rejoins and travels all over your face, lips, jaw, tongue, neck.

10.Then it goes through your neck and goes to your throat, vocal cords.

11. You see the focus descending to one of the shoulders, it descends from the shoulder and goes through the entire arm flooding with energy until it reaches the other shoulder.

12.Then it goes to the thorax, lungs, and heart, repairing everything. Note the movement of the lungs measured, note how the focus expands inside your lungs filling it. Note how it goes to the heart, and it beats firmly.

13. Now the focus moves through the left leg, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet. Leave them relaxed and relaxed.

14.Focus exclusively on the punished soles of the feet, note how they gradually heat up with the focus.

15. Now your body is completely relaxed, stay in this state for a few minutes, enjoy it.
Inspire slowly and deeply, then expire and visualize number two.

16. Direct your focus to your brain, to your emotions, to what you think is so important and worries you so much. Think about everything that hurts you or makes you a worse person, wrap it with the focus and eliminate it, burn it with your energy.

17.Inspire slowly and deeply, then expire and visualize number one.

18.You will see that the focus is gradually fusing in your brain, directs your consciousness to reality, but in a state of profound tranquility.

19.Visualize a positive environment for you, a place that brings you good memories.
20. Count one to three and when you say three, open your eyes, and you will wake up completely relaxed both body, mind, and in perfect harmony with the universe.

When you have practiced this technique a lot, you will see that it will be thinking about the focus, visualizing the numbers, and the body will begin to relax. Each day you will need less time to get this status. The body tends to internalize processes, to automate them. A relaxed person has infinite potential and is more intellectually and physically predisposed.

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