How To Put On Foundation Correctly : Steps


slim-look-makeupHow to set Foundation: While putting Foundation you should take care of many things, otherwise your face can look crappy. If you have more foundation on your face then follow some tips and get rid of this problem.

How to set Foundation

Women use the Foundation to make their looks better and attract so that their skin gets enhanced and the color of the skin increases. But while establishing the foundation, always keep in mind that the foundation is according to your skin tone. If you do not use the Foundation according to your skin tone, then it looks rather stupid than your eyesight. It is important to know the right way to use the foundation, otherwise, you may find more on your face. Many women apply more foundation when installing the Foundation, but there are several ways to fix it.

  • Use Moisturizer
  • Use Finishing Powder
  • Use wet sponges
  • Use Concealer
  • Also apply on neck

Use Moisturizer:

Always keep moisturizers with you. Find out more foundation, but add some drop moisturizers to the foundation and then mix it well. Now put it on your face. Moisturizer reduces the pigmentation of the foundation and makes your shade perfect.

Use Finishing Powder:

After finishing the Foundation, apply finishing powder on the whole face. This reduces the pigmentation of the foundation. But keep in mind that the powders used for highlighting should be used instead of using that powder for bridging.

Use Wet Sponges:

When you use your fingers to mix foundation, it becomes dark. In such a situation, if you find the foundation more on your face, then use weight sponges instead of fingers.

Use Concealer:

Concealer is used to hide acne and scars. In this case, mix a little bit of conjunction with the foundation and mix it well. Now make it blend properly with the Dark Circle. With this, you will be well set the foundation.

Also Apply on Neck:

Always keep in mind that while installing the Foundation, you should put it on the neck as well as the face. With this, you will mix well, and the face will not look too much.

At the time of establishing the foundation, there are some mistakes made by women, due to which the foundation seems to be more on their face. By following some simple tips, you will be able to mix your foundation thoroughly.

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