Self Improvement

Self - improvement is a conscious work on personal growth and development. The process of self-improvement consists in the formation of certain qualities, skills and properties of the individual in individual interests and goals. Those. under this process is understood the development of certain abilities that contribute to subjective success and the development of new social roles. The main thing in the processes of self-improvement is the orientation not on the internal sensations, but on the modern tendencies, the requirements of life and society. Self-improvement of a person can take place in various directions, for example, development in a moral, spiritual or professional direction.

Self-improvement of personality

Self-improvement of a person lies in a kind of self-education or is a purposeful action of a person in relation to himself for further development. Often, people tend to develop positive qualities in accordance with their own ideas about the ideal.women waking up There are 6 main stages of self-improvement. At the first stage, the goal of self-improvement is determined. Then creates an ideal image or an ideal result of actions to improve yourself. The next step is to determine the time limits for implementation and the allocation of secondary goals. And the subsequent stages are based on self-knowledge and self-awareness, self-control and self-regulation, self-development. How to start self-improvement? There are several general recommendations on which successful development and self-improvement is based. In order to be able to write down or keep the ideas coming to mind, you should always carry a notebook, tablet, dictaphone or other device aimed at saving information. You should choose the most appropriate and relevant topic for yourself and set up the brain to generate ideas on the chosen topic. Be sure to write down everything that comes to your mind on this matter. Your thoughts can give you a clear idea of ​​what you need to do to improve the quality of your life. As a result, your intentions will become more serious and effective. When you feel that the topic you are working with has exhausted itself, you should move on to another. The next indispensable rule on the path to self-improvement and success in life is the principle of "here and now". It consists in committing the necessary actions to eradicate the habit of living beautiful illusions and dreams. Another important recommendation is the art of achieving more in small steps. To achieve the desired result, you should perform a certain part of the total load every day. This method is easier to consider in the example of sports. You want to have a beautiful figure, so to get the desired result you need to perform certain exercises every day. Only with this condition will there be a tangible result. Self-improvement is difficult to imagine without mastering planning skills. Therefore, you need to break your day into several blocks, for example, morning, lunch, evening, etc. With the help of this technique, you can easily track how long it takes to perform a given task. Try to communicate with people who inspire you to accomplish and exploit. But from communication with individuals, in comparison with whom you have already achieved so much, it is better to delineate. For an excellent state of health and an excellent appearance, you need to understand quite well the following areas: healthy food, exercise, competent psychic self-regulation.

Self-development and self-improvement

Development and self-improvement is the path to success, the achievement of a dream, and to a life full of interesting events. This is a serious and painstaking work on one's own personality, during which the  individual sets certain goals, while acquiring new knowledge and skills for the realization of dreams. If you consider yourself an insecure person, regularly face insurmountable obstacles in life, do not enjoy and happiness from life, then you should do self-development and self-improvement. The motivation for self-improvement is harmony in the soul, which leads to the fact that the person is less sick and becomes more successful. How to start self-improvement? Self-improvement of personality proceeds throughout life. It is characterized by awareness and consistency, which forms new personal qualities and qualities. It is important not to forget about moral and spiritual self-improvement. Many people today think that there is no need to spend time on this. For a long time ancestors believed that spiritual and moral self-improvement is an inner consensus and union of spirit, personality and mind. People who follow the path of development are not inclined to  aggression , they are calm and balanced. Physical self-improvement is also very important. After all, it is not without reason that a spirit will be healthy in a healthy body. So it was in the process of evolution that people tend to assess the appearance first, and only then the mind. The body is a so-called receptacle, a temple for the soul. That is why it is important to look after and monitor it, not allowing its destruction. Personal relationships are considered the most fertile soil with which any progress, success, all achievements in life begin. Therefore, interaction with people should always be put on the first place. If you seriously decided to do self-development, then start by reading a book on self-improvement. The environment also has a very strong effect on the train of thought and consciousness. That's why if the house is polluted and cluttered, then the thoughts will be the same. General cleaning once a year will not lead to order. Enter the rule for cleaning regularly. As a consequence, in thought, there will always be complete order and clarity. So, self-improvement should begin with establishing order around yourself. However, the most important is, after all, order in your own head. It means defining your goals, your dreams, and formulating the final outcome, to which you should move every day. Try yourself to put 4-6 ambitious goals, and then determine the steps that are necessary to achieve them. The ways of self-improvement of a person consist, first of all, in work on their personality. Try to read more, communicate with different people, do self-knowledge, learn to love and cherish others. Along with self-improvement and self-development is self-education - the development of personality qualities that she himself wants. These are deliberate, purposeful actions, to obtain results. After all, every individual dreams to look perfect in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. This is the problem of self-improvement. After all, the surrounding society can not please, because every person has his own ideal.

Ways of self-improvement of personality

Begin self-improvement follows from a dream. You need less sleep. After all, for a complete rest, a person needs only about 8 hours of daily sleep. Therefore, accustom yourself to get up 1 hour earlier than usual time. So you will have more free time to realize your ideas and plans. Try to carry out more important things first. Every day in the evening, analyze the rationality of the time and energy you spend. Make your slogan a phrase - if you manage time, therefore, you control life. On the phone you need to communicate with enthusiasm and confidently. Be sure to show respect to the interlocutor. You should always remember the goal, not the end result. Do not work for the sake of recognition, but for pleasure. More laugh, especially in the morning. Lift your mood with a smile, charge the body with vivacity. Summarizing the above, it should be concluded that the main components of the processes of self-improvement and self-development are: a dream, systematic and discipline, purpose and achievement, reason, strength of happiness, inspiration, responsiveness, physical condition and soul. It is the development of the personality and its self-improvement that are the main tasks for realizing oneself in life and the world.

Methods of self-improvement

Constant self-improvement is the absolute result of life's prosperity and success. There are many ways of self-improvement. One of the most popular and necessary is the study of foreign languages. This is not only useful, but also quite interesting. Knowledge of languages ​​opens wide prospects for travel to distant countries, reading books in the original, career growth, etc. Language can be studied independently or through various training courses, courses, or with the help of a teacher. To fix a foreign language, you should read a lot. This will not only increase the level of foreign speech, but will expand the horizon, develop imagination, contribute to a more competent presentation of thoughts. It is necessary to read not only foreign literature, but also domestic books on self-improvement. If possible, do not neglect trips to different countries and cities. This kind of self-improvement is probably one of the most enjoyable. Travel will help you not only to relax from everyday life and work, but also learn a lot about culture, religion, nationalities of countries. And this promotes comprehensive development. Therefore, try to please yourself with a trip at least once a year. Be engaged in the education. Create for yourself a list of important cases and schedule their implementation. Try to get up every day at the same time. At the weekend, you should not allow yourself to sleep more than eight hours. After all, in order to extract the maximum, organization and concentration are very important. If you are prone to laziness, you need to gradually get rid of this harmful disease. Forbid yourself for hours on the couch, endlessly playing computer games or watching entertainment programs on TV. Everything is good in moderation. It's better to spend time watching TV news or reading them on the Internet. Make your own schedule so that you only have free time in the evening and only a couple of hours before bedtime. Sport is the road to self-improvement. Physical exercises make the individual happier. However, they do not need to be active, for example, running. It is enough to practice regularly yoga or pilates. Direct your strength to improve your character. The most important component of self-development are dreams. So do not forget to dream. After all, they contribute to a more vivid representation of their goal. If you decide to do self-improvement, but do not know where to start, then go to some courses, for example, in cooking or psychology. Remember that a new day is given to us for a reason. Nature is embedded in the human need for personal growth and self-improvement. Learning something new every day, or mastering new skills, you will always feel happy, and there will be no place in life left for despondency and boredom.

Program of self-improvement

The program of self-improvement is based on several basic principles. The first principle is education. Hone your skills in that you are doing well. However, do not forget that you are doing poorly. It is very important to improve such skills. Try to find something interesting in an area where you are not very strong, then you will have more motivation to get knowledge in this area. The next principle is never to stop learning. You can be sure that you perfectly master some, but it's not so. After all, the world does not stand in one place, it is continuously developing as well as humanity. There can always be a person who will do it better than you. Therefore, curiosity and enthusiasm should be unchanged by your companions throughout the course of your life. Prefer to read books that will inspire you, motivate you to "feats" and accomplishments. Do everything possible for you to speak your actions, not words. It often happens that most people have words that do not work. After all, it is much easier to say than to do. Therefore, consciously control yourself and stop, when you notice that unconscious acts contradict your own words. Take care of yourself, which is physical activity, a proper diet, a sound and full sleep, and a balance of mental, physical and spiritual development. All of the above will contribute to the establishment of absolutely all aspects of life. However, do not forget about the rest. After all, even superheroes sometimes need rest. Set yourself a goal that will strongly inspire you and seem a little impracticable. Try to approach it every day. Bring in your life a drop of diversity - define a goal that will go beyond the boundaries of your usual interests.
It is necessary to control your emotions to study your consciousness. Every time you feel any emotion, you need to realize that it is a consequence of your thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what caused the emotions that arose. Such introspection promotes awareness of personality traits and character traits that you might not previously have suspected of. When you are informed about your own involuntary emotional manifestations, you can transform your perception of circumstances and improve reactions to them, just by changing thoughts about them. Try to avoid a negative attitude. Remember that you can unconsciously adopt the qualities of individuals with whom you often spend a lot of time. Therefore, give preference to communication with people who will inspire you, to make you smile and throw challenges. The key to self-awareness is the comprehension of personal being and clarity of thinking through keeping records in the diary. It is needed for recording various ideas, interesting thoughts, and not just for the sake of a dry statement of events that occur daily with you. Remember that self-improvement must take place in different directions. So, for example, physical self-improvement is inextricably linked with personal growth and self-improvement. Physical self-improvement is the work on your own body, its strength, beauty, hardiness, steadfastness and health. The most successful businessmen are not only graduates of prestigious economic or legal faculties, but also athletes, graduates of physical education departments. Competent work on one's own body is a labor to improve one's personality. Unfortunately, many people in the daily pursuit of material well-being forget that spiritual self-improvement plays a very important role for personal growth and development. Spiritual self-improvement is aimed at realizing the right choice of the direction of life principles and goals. Moral self-improvement consists in adapting to life, in flexibility while maintaining its own inner core. The first concepts of morality are laid in early childhood by parents, and then by educators. However, this knowledge in adulthood is not enough. After all, life often throws in a lot of unexpected surprises. For the purpose of moral self-improvement, one should try to evaluate oneself impartially in different life situations, read serious literature, engage in self-knowledge, attend trainings.

Professional self-improvement

The pace of modern progressive development carries with it tension, transformation and modernization in all areas of human activity. As a consequence of such changes, the problem of self-improvement in all areas becomes especially topical and acute. This is due to the fact that the knowledge that was obtained earlier, quite quickly become obsolete. After all, time always dictates its own. In the last century, the professional skills of the absolute majority of specialists did not change, because the pace of life was more measured, and therefore the rate of transformation also met its requirements. Individuals practically did not aspire to professional growth and self-improvement, as life did not require it. Today, using the latest scientific achievements and technologies, time requires the preparation of highly qualified and professional specialists who are fluent in the knowledge, skills, and skills necessary to work in the chosen field. They must be competitive specialists, not just competent employees. Presently, every working individual requires mobility, creative traction and the ability to use a daily growing information flow in practice. This can not be achieved without independent persistent systematic professional self-improvement. Current specialists strive to take life from a maximum in minimum terms. Therefore, such terms should be used more competently and wisely. The speed of advancement on the career ladder directly depends today on how much the specialist is able to learn and improve his own professional skills, and not so much from his efforts. Therefore, in recent years, various corporate trainings have been widely used, which are aimed at personal growth and professional development. Today, quite often people of the older generation who are still working and working become practically unsuitable for professional implementation in the society because of the difficulty of adapting to constantly changing conditions, mastering new skills and interacting with the modern world. Trainings of professional self-improvement are aimed at helping those who wish to cope with this task. Interested employers in the prosperity of the company include compulsory training of employees in the plans through training, raising their qualifications. They understand that this is an essential condition for competent human resources planning. Professional self-improvement is one of the directions of the formation and development of the personality in the process of its life path.

Self-perfection of a teacher

The constant self-improvement of the teacher is a conscious, purposeful process of increasing the level of professional competence and the formation of important qualities in accordance with external social requirements, the conditions of professional activity and a personal development program. The processes of teachers' self-improvement are carried out in interrelated forms. Such forms include self-education and self-education, which should complement each other and influence the nature of the work of the individual over himself. However, at the same time they are considered to be two relatively independent processes. Self-education is a conscious work of the teacher in the systematic formation of positive ones and the elimination of negative qualities of the personality and character traits. It occurs in three directions. The first direction is the adaptation to the requirements of the pedagogical professional activity of their individual and personal characteristics. The second direction is the systematic increase of competence in the profession. The third is the continuous formation of social, moral and other qualities of the individual. Professional self-education consists in the purposeful cognitive activity of the teacher in mastering special and methodological knowledge, general human experience, and the professional skills necessary to improve the pedagogical process. Acquisition of knowledge through self-study and is self-education, i.e. independent learning. Self-education is one of the main aspects on the path to self-determination and self-improvement of personality, because only by entering into culture it creates such an ideal image of its "I", which is a kind of reference point in its movement towards a better self. The main areas of self-improvement of teachers include:
  • systematic replenishment of professional knowledge;
  • perfection of professional skill;
  • expansion of horizons;
  • moral improvement;
  • Physical improvement;
  • Ability to effectively plan a working day.

Striving for self-perfection

The goal of self-improvement is, first of all, in the knowledge of oneself and the development of certain personal qualities and properties, the realization of one's destiny, the desire to rise above oneself. As one of the probable motives for self-improvement, one can single out the individual's striving for personal change, improving himself, which is called the aspiration for self-improvement. A socially determined motivational readiness for accomplishment, realized by the person, is an aspiration. Those. the desire is not only in desire and need, motivation for action. Aspiration can be displayed as a form of manifestation of activity, combining two successive "I want" and "I can", which, while supporting one another, are smoothly transformed into each other. Personal striving implies the orientation of the individual to the generation of such accomplishments, the process of realization of which is felt as a pleasure. Those. in this case, the probability of action itself is transformed into an incentive reaction ("I can" transform into "I want"). Satisfaction of the desire to act undoubtedly gives rise to the growth of potential opportunities for action. The desire for self-realization is the driving force behind the formed personality, which induces and gives direction to its activities. The value and semantic components of a person's psychological culture necessarily contain a component such as the desire for self-improvement. So, the value-semantic component of the individual can contain the following kinds of aspirations as constituent parts: the desire for self-improvement, to understand oneself, to regulate one's own behavioral reactions and relations according to humanistic universal values, to building a life future and life-creation. It follows that the desire for self-improvement is an integral part of the psychological culture of the individual, which is a conscious motivation and determines the search, choice and orientation of the subject's perfection of his own abilities and potential for the most effective existence in specific environmental conditions. The desire for self-improvement as a conscious motive, which is characterized by a willingness to become even better, more successful, is not an immutable condition granted to an individual from birth. Aspiration goes through a certain path of becoming, modification. Any age period is characterized by individual prerequisites of development and forms of aspiration. Striving for perfection is the basis of any development and technological progress, both in the spiritual sphere and in the material field.

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