How To Prevent Cancer Naturally – 7 Ways


As we hear a lot about cancer which is slowly becoming epidemic, it is important to adopt ways to prevent cancer naturally. Moreover, prevention is always better than cure so there are 7 ways to prevent it.prevent cancer

1. Keep Weight Under Check

It is advisable to maintain balanced weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise.
For optimal health, scientists recommend at least 30 or 30 minutes of exercise with moderate exercise (walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, stairs, household tasks such as vacuuming, gardening) or at least 30 minutes of exercise.

• Body Mass Index (BMI: Weight divided by the square of your body length): Best between 20 and 23.
• Middle circumference: less than 80 cm for women and less than 94 cm for men.

2. Avoid Energy Drinks/ Sugary Drinks

There have been strong indications for a direct connection between fat or sugar and cancer. It is well known that a high fat and / or sugar diet may lead to weight gain, and overweight is a risk factor for cancer.

With energy rich foods, we mainly mean processed foods that contain a lot of fat and / or sugar and relatively few nutrients and fibers. Examples include burgers, fries, pizza, chocolate, cookies etc.

Also, soft drinks with added sugar and fruit juices should be avoided to the extent possible.

Some energy-rich foods such as nuts, seeds and some vegetable oils contain useful nutrients and do not contribute to increased cancer risk.

Energy-rich food, according to the recommendation, contains 225-275 kcal per 100 g. One must aim for a maximum of 125 kcal per 100g.

Do not be fooled by expressions like ‘light’, ‘less fat’ or ‘less sugar’. Keep in mind that these products may be calorie-rich.

3. Take Natural Vitamins

To reduce the risk of cancer, you can better choose a balanced and varied diet than Synthetic supplements. Take natural Vitamin-K which is known for reducing the risk of cancer. Apricot Seeds are rich in Vitamin-K thus a natural source to fight cancer and even prevents it.

3. Reduce the Consumption of Meats

Avoid consumption of meat (beef, calf, pork, chiken) to a maximum of 500 g of prepared meat per week (or 700-750 g of raw meat) and avoid processed meat products where salt or other preservatives are added .

We are not carnivorous beings otherwise we would be able to eat meat without processing like animals. We can only eat vegetables and fruits thus eating them is never harmful.

4.Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

According to a recent Dutch survey, the number of new cancer cases could be reduced annually by 7 to 21 percent when the average daily consumption of fruit and vegetables would increase by 120g. For some cancers that percentage could even rise to 50%.

Eat at least 5 servings (500 to 600g) of fruit and vegetables a day: they are rich in vitamins and minerals, generally contain low calories and are excellent fiber sources.

It is important to ensure a wide variety, because each type of fruit and vegetables contains some useful ingredient. An easy way to vary enough is food according to the seasons.

• leafy vegetables, such as spinach and duckweed, ± 350 grams
• Non-slimming vegetables, such as cauliflower and beans, ± 250 grams

5. Add More Unprocessed Grain

Unprocessed cereals or cereal products and / or legumes are a great source of dietary fiber. Eat at least 90 grams of brown bread, whole wheat bread or other whole grain products daily.

6. Avoid Alcohol/ Smoking

Preferably do not drink alcohol. In any case, limit your consumption to 1 per day for women, and 2 for men.
As far as cancer is concerned, wine is no less harmful than beer or other beverages. The amount of alcohol is decisive. Each serving unit contains as much alcohol: a wine glass with wine (12 cl) contains as much a beer glass (25 cl) or a liquor bottle (2 cl).

7. Restrict salt

Limit the consumption of salt and salt processed foods. The amount of salt we enter daily should be less than 6 grams (2.4 grams of sodium).

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