The Power of Positive Emotions


The path to health lies through positive emotions. Negative emotions destroy the body

Doctors (from the word lie) can not determine the causes of diseases and make diagnoses – they have no knowledge for this. Therefore, they prescribe chemical drugs – poisons that do not cure. And you can heal only by looking into your soul …women waking up


Positive emotions – the path to health

It seems so easy to get sick, but so difficult to heal. Indeed, in many cases, doctors can not not only determine the root cause of the disease , but even make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, they begin to select a variety of treatment methods, prescribing a new medicine. In the meantime, psychosomatics doctors say: you can understand why the disease mechanism started in your body, and, consequently, heal, by looking into your soul and analyzing what feelings you experience every day, since our big emotions are fear, anger, insults leave a deep impression not only in the soul, but also in the body. Moreover, one or another negative emotion selectively affects the most important organs. It was noted in ancient times by philosophers and physicians who asserted: “We destroy our heart with fear, the stomach and intestines with anguish and sorrow, and the liver with anger.

Trauma occurs after heavy thoughts

– How often, from your medical practice, it is psycho-emotional states, experienced stress provoke the emergence of serious diseases? Is it possible to say that all diseases have an emotional component?  – Exactly. Over 10 years I have been working in practical medicine and I can confidently say that 100% of diseases are psychosomatic in nature. And even if these are not illnesses, but injuries or some other unpleasant events, then if we analyze how the person lived before this, we will see that some negative emotions, stresses, experiences or heavy thoughts preceded this injury. Ie: tell me what you think and worry about, and I will tell you how you can get sick. Human happiness in harmony and in understanding how to behave that is, there must be a calm perception of the world, there must be respect for oneself and others, and in general the main emotion is love. Everything in this world is created by love, if everything is perceived through love and peace, then half of the problems disappear immediately.

Anger and hate are the most harmful emotions.women-hair

– What emotions hurt us?  – The emotion of anger, rejection, is harmful, it is harmful to gossip, condemn someone, shout at children and those who are weaker. For example, if a woman scolds a lot of children or a husband, then she may have a nodular goiter, but if she is jealous or can’t get out of intimate-personal problems, she will have problems with gynecology. Men suffer most of all if they are irresponsible, as a man first of all makes a person responsible for his life, the life of his family, and maybe even the country. If a person is irresponsible, only enjoys life and doesn’t think about anything, behaves like a parasite, then there will be prostatitis, adenomas are typical diseases of those representatives of the stronger sex who are afraid to be men.

It hurts categorical, stubbornness. People who are overwhelmed by such emotions may experience hypertension. And, of course, the most terrible emotions are anger and hatred: they destroy everything. First, the liver, gallbladder, and then the nervous system. Oncological diseases are now spreading sharply, at the psychoemotional level there are two reasons for the occurrence of this ailment. The first is such a heartache with which a person cannot cope and because of this does not want to live.But there is another reason. Here we analyze how a cancer cell behaves: it takes everything, eats, divides uncontrollably, grows and gives nothing to anyone, it does not work for the human body. Therefore, if a person behaves this way in life: he only takes it and everything is small and small, he will start oncological diseases. By the way, there are examples from my medical practice: a man came to me, whose sense of life was to earn more and more money, as a result, he started having problems with blood. But in this case, the man took up his mind, changed, and now he has a stable remission.

Do not be a victim

– And please explain what the mechanism of transformation in our body of emotions in the disease.  – Each individual – it depends on how a person is open to life. Man is not just a body, man is both a physical, emotional, and mental body . Our emotions do not disappear anywhere, if we don’t work with ourselves, if we don’t change ourselves, they accumulate first around a certain organ, and eventually penetrate into its cells. Different organs are responsible for this or that emotion , everything in a person is interconnected, and this has already been scientifically proven. And if, for example, a person is very aggressive and throws out his anger, then he is waiting for gallstone disease and doctors often excise the gallbladder because of this diagnosis. But if the original emotion remains unchanged, then polyps or stones appear in the adjacent organs. The body is very intelligent, has its own logic and wisdom, it has a great resource, and if we manage it correctly, then we live happily ever after, but if not, emotions start to torment us and the person gets sick.

– They say that the reason that our psychological problems turn into physical ones is that we restrain our emotions, suppress them. Accordingly, they find a way out in the disease. So, any manifestation of joy or anger should be poured on others? How to find a middle ground?  – Indeed, it is necessary that there was a middle ground. Do not hold back or pour negative emotions on someone. This will not add health and joy to you or your family.

Today it is proved that only victims are ill, who believe that all the bad ones are husband, wife, children, government, and I’m all so good, but all so sick is the position of the victim. A person can change his attitude in a minute. One has only to want and decide that now I will not go on about emotions, and I will lead them, I am the master of my life and I am responsible for everything that happens to me. This is especially useful to recognize men, who by their nature should be just that. And you should not be offended by different life situations, remember: we attract people who reflect us, we always attract events that help us to understand ourselves . Therefore, everything that happens, you have to be grateful – it teaches us something.

New habits are formed in 40 days

– If a person has been treated for a long time and unsuccessfully, perhaps this is a sign that he needs to comprehensively review his life. What does the disease signal and how should it be treated? – Any disease is not a punishment, but an invitation to change, and the body gives us a signal: stop and change. Generally, what is psychosomatics? Psycho is the soul. Our ancestors were very wise, they knew that there is a soul and it lives in the body, if it is not comfortable there, it starts to hurt. To prevent this, it is necessary to maintain the so-called middle path, to be a harmonious person and not to take into account various negative events. This must be done for at least 40 days in a row. Since 40 days there is a change in our thinking and our emotions. Remember: all enlightened people went to the desert for 40 days. I’m not saying that you need to go to the desert, but for 40 days you can practice some kind of practice, and during this time you will develop a positive habit of doing it and stick to the chosen path to change.

Laughter, singing and drawing – “medicine” for diseases

old man– From your experience, is a smile a cure for many ailments?  – Laughter, like many positive emotions, is a panacea for many diseases , since it contributes to an increase in immunity and an improvement in the sense of humor. The main thing is to keep the mood for yourself during the day, and not something that laughed, and then turned attention to something else and again fell into negative. I think that being angry and experiencing negative emotions is a bad habit. Therefore, anyone who has this habit, I advise you to change it to a good one and walk through life with a smile.

– Is it true that by doing some creative work – for someone it is drawing, for someone music or singing, you can pour out your problem in this way, and, consequently, be healed?  – It helps a lot, since drawing and singing, like any other creative work, opens up energy channels, chakras, i.e. energy nodes in man, and thus new opportunities are revealed.

You can see your problem depicted in the picture and realize that, in order to see the problem, you need to get out of it. Why do people go to a psychologist, and he shows them what happens to them? As a person, when he is in the middle of a situation, he is not aware of this, and the drawing allows us to see the problem from the side.

On the energies of goodness and passion

– Often the cause of many illnesses is stress, we do not know how to relax and live in a high temporhythm. What is the best way to relieve stress, which techniques will help with this? – It is important to find time for yourself, because, in fact, the pace at which modern humanity lives is not physiological. Constantly the nervous system works in the so-called beta rhythm – this is the mode of struggle and getting money, various benefits, and the nervous system simply does not stand up. Therefore, when we need to go to bed and go to the alpha level, we do not have the strength to relax. I recommend these people to walk in the park every day, to take care of children, family. It is necessary to exclude all computer games-shooters, action movies for the night. It is absolutely not normal when a person sits at the computer at the office all day, then arrives by car and watches TV at home again. Of course he will have trouble sleeping, since all biorhythms are confused, and no technique will help here, here you just need to make it a rule to live normally.

– What psychosomatic practices would you suggest? What work should a person do every day who wants to harmonize his emotions and physical condition? What thoughts wake up and go to bed?  “Wake up in the morning, at dawn, at about five-thirty, it all starts from this — who gets up early, God gives.” In the morning from 4 to 8 o’clock the energies of goodness go to Earth, and from 8 to 16, the energies of passion. Therefore, I suggest starting tomorrow at dawn and congratulating the sun, the earth, yourself, and wishing everyone happiness – this is an ancient Vedic practice. And do well breathing exercises. Here is one of them, which acts best of all drugs combined.

Become and tune in to the fact that your feet grow roots in the ground. Then feel your middle white line, which runs along the spine and through the head goes far into space , and from below through the tailbone to the middle of the earth. Put your right hand on your heart, your left hand on the solar plexus, you can close your eyes, and do a full yoga, and generally proper human breathing: take a deep breath, first belly, then fill your chest with air. Then hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale: lower your stomach first and let the air out of your chest. So do it 7-8 times, and you will feel how along with the exhalation all emotions come out, all the tension and you fill up with pure white light, fill up with the energy of the day and bless the life of your family, yourself and all people for a good day.

During the day, be sure to stop yourself as soon as you get angry. To do this, you need to breathe deeply, but to release the emotion, with an exhalation, throw it out from the heart, from the solar plexus or from the abdomen, from where you have unpleasant feelings. And it’s still good to count to ten, if you want to say something bad to someone, if you don’t reduce emotions, count to one hundred. This pause should be enough to cool.

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