How To Overcome Fear Of Loneliness


The feeling of loneliness can appear in any person. It is important to do so to get rid of this fear of loneliness and learn to live a full life alone or not.

In the usual sense, loneliness is a complete isolation from society. But it is not always the case. You can experience the feeling of loneliness, just losing the support of loved ones and relatives.

Fear of loneliness can arise for various reasons, among which :

  • lack of attention from parents in childhood;
  • lack of support in the adolescent period;
  • lack of time to communicate with friends because of work;
  • low self-esteem and uncertainty;
  • unpleasant experience associated with communication;
  • death of a close friend or relative.

women-hairHow is the fear of loneliness expressed?

1. There is a feeling of absolute futility for others, especially brightly this feeling is manifested in a moment when there is no possibility to address someone for support or help;

2. Self-esteem falls sharply, because there is no belief in one’s own strengths and capabilities. This makes it difficult to build trust with people, which leads to a depressed state;

3. Every ordinary action is accompanied by a feeling of anxiety, because a person who has lost all confidence because of fear, is never sure that the results of his actions will be positive;

4. In life there is a fear of making serious decisions and taking any responsibility. There is dependence on other people who can influence decision-making;

5. For women, the fear of loneliness can affect the development of trusting and strong relationships, since from the very beginning they expect frustration from them because of lack of self-confidence.

Fear of loneliness can not arise by itself, without justified reasons. Relationships with others can be strongly influenced by feelings of distrust, which leads to alienation and isolation because of the inability to perceive communication with the positive. In another case, psychological trauma contributes to loneliness, which causes a person to constantly wait for trouble from communication.

There are many ways to get rid of the fear of loneliness.

  1. Do not focus on the problem, closing yourself off from others. This approach does not allow you to look at the situation from the outside, analyze it and find solutions;
  2. It will be useful to take a break from social networks, because huge flows of information contribute to the development of a sense of loneliness. People spread on their personal pages only good photos that create a false image of a happy busy life. But in most cases this is far from the case;
  3. Communication with friends, colleagues or relatives can help develop confidence and build a sense of one’s own uniqueness and necessity.

Fear of loneliness has a very strong effect on a person’s life, forcing him to experience a lot of negative emotions and lose confidence in himself and his powers. Coping with this problem is better with close friends or relatives who are able to distract from the problem and completely eradicate the fear of loneliness. Sometimes for treatment it is necessary to address to the psychotherapist that the phobia did not turn into serious mental deviations.

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