9 Natural Ways To Relive Arthritis Pain


Arthritis is quite common in old age but there are ways to prevent it or cure it using natural diet and lifestyle changes.arthritis pain

In arthritis, the amount of uric acid increases in the body, due to which the swelling in the joints occurs. There is also a pain in the place along with swelling. The pain of arthritis is so intense that the person has a lot of trouble in walking and knees.

Natural ways to reduce Arthritis Pain

1.Lose Weight

The problem of arthritis is common in people with obesity. Controlling weight is the best and easiest way to avoid it. However, it is not easy to reduce weight gain. But still, it is necessary to lose weight to avoid arthritis.

2.Relieve Constipation

To prevent the disease of arthritis it is very important to get rid of constipation, for this, the patient of arthritis should be given a lukewarm enema for a few days so that the patient’s stomach is clean.

3. Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetable are full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutritious ingredients that work wonders for the treatments of arthritis. Sufficient intake of garlic, seasonal vegetables, orange, carrot and sugar beet juice are helpful in getting rid of this disease and even prevent it. Drinking juice of cauliflower is beneficial in joint pain.


Arthritis patient should not sit idle for long or should work harder than required, because stagnant leads to stiffness in joints, and more diligence can harm the joints.


Steam baths and body massages give significant benefits to arthritis. For this, mixing garlic juice with camphor and massage it with red oil is comfortable. Olive oil/ Coconut oil/ hrmp oil can reduce the pain of arthritis.


People with arthritis should do mild exercises regularly. If you have difficulty in exercising then you can stroll through your home too. If you do swimming along with exercise and morning walk, it will also be beneficial in keeping the joints agile.

7.Copper Water

Copper also provides relief to the extent of arthritis pain. Many people drink water kept in a copper vessel to avoid its pain. It is believed that copper has anti-oxidative properties which help reduce irritation in arthritis.


Ginger consumption is very beneficial in treating arthritis pain. Taking 200 grams of ginger twice a day brings great relief to pain. It has been seen in the recent medical research that ginger used with soup and salad provides relief in the problem of arthritis.

9.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera intake relaxes the muscles that are the causing pain of arthritis and is also beneficial in many other diseases. Aloe vera strengthens your immune system and energy level.


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