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hives UrticariaAmong the most common childhood diseases, urticaria also known as hives takes almost the first place. According to statistics, it appears in every fourth child in the form of a specific skin rash, more often in the first year of life. However, the disease can also occur in adults, but with complications.

If a small red rash is found on the baby’s body, do not panic. Most likely, this is an allergic manifestation of an uncomfortable temperature regime for him or the introduction of a new product into food. Most often, a rash occurs with excessive children as babies or vice versa – under the influence of severe frost on the delicate skin.children eating

Urticaria in children symptoms and treatment

In order to quickly get rid of the rash, parents should know how long urticaria in children, what it has symptoms and how to treat it. However, to prevent this disease, you should know the causes of the appearance, which will help to cure the disease quickly.

There are the most common causes, after which there may be a rash:

  • the use of citrus fruits, chocolate, smoked products, fish, eggs;
  • bites of various insects;
  • use of medicines;
  • viral and bacterial diseases, including helminthiasis;
  • allergic reactions to pollen, dust, and other allergens;
  • influence of cold, heat, ultraviolet radiation.

If a child’s redness or rash is detected, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.


The main symptoms of urticaria in children are evidence of both allergic effects and the effects of excessive cold or heat.

Symptoms in both cases are almost the same:

  • red or pink rash on the baby’s body;
  • the appearance of spots of different sizes, which often merge into one;
  • Itching;
  • possibly the formation of blood crusts in the combing sites.

In adults, the disease manifests itself in the form of blisters with severe itching, which resemble a nettle burn, if you look at the photo and compare. There may be edema. The more severe course of the disease is accompanied by Quincke’s swelling, which involves deep layers of the skin in the process.

TreatmentMother & Child

Before you run to the pharmacy, you need to know in advance what to treat the urticaria in your child, so as not to harm his health. In most cases, the rash that has appeared is also sudden, as it has appeared. Especially it concerns such form of the disease, which proceeds without the following moments:

  • temperature increase;
  • impaired breathing;
  • diarrhea and others.

The treatment of a small child is primarily aimed at eliminating itching, which always accompanies allergic skin manifestations. The initial stage of the disease is successfully treated with folk remedies at home.

Treatment of hives Using Home remedies

When treating this disease, it is necessary to take into account its forms:

  • acute;
  • chronic;
  • cold.

Regardless of the type, a pink or red rash does not cause serious consequences and in most cases passes by itself. All more severe forms of hives are treated by the same basic methods:

  • elimination of allergen;
  • the appointment of antihistamines;
  • the appointment of immunomodulators;
  • abundant liquid intake;
  • moistening of affected skin with special means;
  • treatment of reddened areas of the skin infusion of chamomile, string or yarrow.

Most often cold urticaria in children photo of which can be found on the Internet occurs with prolonged exposure to cold on sensitive skin, as well as with a sharp temperature drop. Therefore, it manifests itself only on the open parts of the body, for example on the face, at the same time regardless, how old the person is.
Cold allergy is manifested by redness, itching and a feeling of discomfort due to a slight swelling. The disease itself passes, but if the rash is accompanied by a headache, nausea, and fever, the doctor’s help is needed.

The main signs of urticaria in children are the same in both acute and chronic forms. The difference is only in the duration of the disease. With an acute form of an eruption, one or several days are kept and pass as quickly as they appear without definite treatment. With a chronic form, the rashes look more pronounced and last up to 6 months. With proper treatment, the chronic form passes much faster.

Treatment of Hives / urticariababy

Every mom needs to know how hives develop in children with symptoms and preventive treatment to take timely action. Prevention of the disease is always more effective than any treatment. There are following preventive measures against allergic rashes:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • completely cure colds;
  • new foods to add to food carefully;
  • Avoid contact with the suspected allergen, especially if there are animals at home;
  • observe an anti-allergic diet.

Diet with urticaria in children reviews

When there are unpleasant rashes, you need to study the issue carefully – a diet for hives in children that you can eat and that is not recommended. When treating such a disease, special attention is paid to abundant drinking, especially in acute form. Water can quickly remove from the body the allergen that has fallen.

In addition, the patient must exclude from the diet the following products:

  • smoked products and preserves;
  • mayonnaise, ketchup and other similar products;
  • milk products;
  • honey;
  • chocolate;
  • fizzy drinks with sugar;
  • citrus.

Is it possible to bathe with a child’s urticaria?

If the temperature does not increase in children with urticaria, they can be bathed and preferably in herbs. Best fit: chamomile, yarrow, and string. To do this, make warm water, not exceeding 37 ° C. When bathing is not recommended to use soap or a loofah. The time of the procedure should not exceed more than 15 minutes. With proper bathing, the symptoms of the disease gradually go away, and the patient feels much better.

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