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12 Ayurvedic Herbs For The Hair Growth ...

1. Bhringraj -The King of Herbs Bhringraj is known as "king of herbs." True to its name, it not only assists the growth of hair growth but also prevents baldness. It can be used to...

Two Key Amino Acids For Joint Pain Relief

Nutrition is key in joint, muscle and bone care. One is always reminded of calcium, but according to some experts there are two key amino acids that can be helpful in rebuilding cartilage and...
headache migraine

How To Get Rid Of Panic & Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Panic - many people have experienced, at least once in their lives, a panic attack , the horrible moment when for a few seconds, one has the feeling of dying . The symptoms can...

Ayurveda Herbs For Indigestion and Heartburn

It is very important to understand the food we eat. In the process of digestion, our stomach secretes an acid which is essential for digestion. But at times it is produced excessive amounts of...
food for wound healing

Food For Fast Wound Healing After Surgery

When the operation is successful, the key to recovery lies in nutritional rehabilitation. The postoperative process is extremely important for the patient to overcome the difficulties and recover fast. Numerous studies have made it clear...
heal pain plantar fasciitis

10 Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis – Heal Pain

Heel pain, also called plantar fasciitis, is very frequent and may present itself for varied reasons. The most common causes of heel pain include blisters, calluses, receiving a blow to the heel area, incorrect...

Facial Hair Removal Home Remedies

We see people resort to threading and waxing to remove unwanted hair from their faces. By doing so, hair goes out of their face, but with it, there are long-term side effects like early...
Man doing anal itching

How to Cure hemorrhoids with Garlic – Effective Natural Remedy

Garlic is a food increasingly used as natural remedy for many health issues. Among its most remarkable properties related to health is its great power in improving blood circulation, as it has ajoene and...
bad breath

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Quickly & Naturally

Some good choices of home remedies to eliminate bad breath are chewing a clove, parsley leaves and gargling with water and propolis. However, in addition, you should brush your teeth and floss every day,...

5 Natural Home Remedies for Angina Throat Pain

Angina or sharp heart pain is caused due to infection of viral or bacterial origin that attacks the tonsils. Depending on its appearance, it is called red or white angina. In the case of...

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