How To Make Lemon Essential Oil At Home


The lemon oil is a very versatile product and can be used in different ways and for different treatments. One of its most common uses is based on its smell, as it helps improve mood and vitality, among other things.lemon water recipe

Benefits of lemon essential oil

The health benefits of lemon essential oil can be attributed to its stimulating, calming, carminative, anti-infection, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep-inducing, and antifungal properties. The benefits of lemon oil has many benefits like ability to treat stress disorders, fever, asthma,infections, insomnia, obesity,skin disorders, hair conditions, stomach problems and fatigue.

The lemon is a superfood. It is one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world, and is widely used for culinary purposes, as it is a good source of vitamins and aids in digestion. It also adds a pleasant flavor and aroma to food. On the other hand, lemon juice is one of the most popular drinks in the world, as it is very healthy, delicious and cheap

How to make a lemon Essential oil

You can make essential oil from home using the following procedure:-

  1. We peel a lemon, but we will only keep the yellow part of the skin. We put it in hot water for about 1 minute to remove the bitterness.
  2. Next we include olive oil and we put it in a bag with self-closing. We add the skin of the lemon and close the bag. Another option is to include olive oil and lemon peels inside a container that can withstand high temperatures.
  3. We put it in a water bath so that it can be infused for 3 hours.
  4. Then we let it rest until the next day.

Uses of lemon essential oil

  • With a diffuser of essential oils , vaporize the place, whenever it is needed, you can recover concentration and memory or simply create a cheerful and solar environment. Among other things it will also help disinfect the environment.
  • If you have had a difficult digestion, take a tisane with ginger with a drop of lemon essential oil (recommended 100% pure and organic); You can also put a drop in vegetables or salads, which helps facilitate digestion.
  • Anti-cellulite massage or for heavy legs: combined with a carrier oil or a vegetable oil such as sweet almond, the essential oil of lemon, seen its draining power, can be used to make aromatic and anti-cellulite massages. Other essential oils suitable for this purpose are grapefruit, rosemary or cypress.
  • Lemon essential oil is also useful in the case of herpes , preferably associated with tea tree oil, an antiseptic par excellence. Use a cotton swab with two drops of tea tree essential oil and two drops of lemon essential oil. Gently rub the area affected by herpes 2 or 3 times a day until complete remission.


Other uses

  • Hydrotherapy in bath tub or local immersion: improve circulation, reduce tension and fatigue
  • Vaporizers: purify the environment and avoid infections
  • Diffusers: mental clarity, environmental perfume and environment purifier
  • Application in dilution: combining a few drops of the oil with neutral cream or a similar aromatherapy product in case of respiratory diseases.
  • Mouthwash or gargle: 1 drop of oil in 1 glass of water
  • Compresses: using water where a few drops of oil have been diluted and placed on the area of ​​the body to be treated
  • Direct inhalation: avoid contagion, stabilize emotions and clarify ideas
  • Cleaning and disinfection: add 1 drop of the oil to wash the dishes and in the last rinse of your clothes
  • Prepare a delicious, natural and healthy drink by adding 1 drop of lemon essential oil only if it is therapeutic grade per liter of water and dissolves well, take once a day

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