How To Make 15 Face Packs from Milk At Home


If you do not like to drink milk and you do not want your body to be deprived of the benefits of milk, then you must use these face packs. Raw Milk based face packs can be prepared in combination with other food items present in the house. For each face pack, two or three items are required in addition to milk.

You can make these face packs at home by mixing these extra ingredients in fresh cream milk. The milk works as a moisturising agent. To make some face packs, you need milk powder, or buttermilk. You can use these face pack made of milk in your everyday life to keep your face glowing.

1.Rose & Sandalwood

Face masks made of rose petals, sandalwood and milk can be very refreshing for your face.Keep fresh rose petals soaked in milk overnight. Next morning grind the petals and milk together. Add a tsp sandal powder and see results for it.

2. Almond and Milk

Soak five almonds overnight in a bowl filled with water. Next day, grind almonds and make a paste and add about 1-2 teaspoon buttermilk. You can also use cream or cream instead of buttermilk. Rubbing this pack for 12-15 minutes to get instant results. If you feel as if the pack is drying, then add some butter and milk in it.

3. Gram Flour

Take a bowl and mix 3-5 tsp gram flour in it. Mix one pinch of turmeric to make the color of the skin look yellow. Mix both of them and then add buttermilk or cream to it. The quantity of buttermilk or cream depends on how thick or thin you want the pack to be.

4. Honey and Milk

Mix raw milk and honey in equal quantity in a bowl. Mix it with the help of the brush. This face pack made of milk is very light and you have to put it on body and face with your hands.

5. Milk Powder, Lime & Honey

Take a full teaspoon of milk powder in a bowl. Now add lemon juice to it until it becomes a paste. Then add honey to it, which will make it a bit thicker. Put this paste in all the places where the pigmentation is there on the skin or the place where you want to make it bright. Its repeated use will show you effective results.

6. Walnuts and Milk Cream

Take five pieces of walnuts and grind them in a mixer and make powder. You can make nut powder and keep it in a jar. Now take a full spoonful of nut powder in a bowl and put milk cream or cream in it. Remember that when you mix both, make a thick paste so that you can apply it anywhere easily on the skin.

7. Strawberries and Milk

Cut strawberries and grind them into a mixer. Take out Sika juice and mix equal amount of raw milk in it. This milk-based Face Pack can be applied to face, arms, legs, and body wherever it is needed.

8. Oatmeal Glow Face Pack with Milk

Grind oatmeal in a mixer and keep its powder in a jar. Now take a spoonful oatmeal powder and mix it with raw milk and apply it on the skin. It clears skin color and also brings shine on the skin.

9. Milk and Multani Clay

To make this, add 1 tbsps of fresh raw milk to two tbsp multani clay. After applying it, allow the pack to dry completely and wash it afterward. This face pack makes the skin firm and prevents wrinkles from appearing.

10. Milk and Potatoes

Pour potato pieces into milk and grind them. Now add a tbsp of milk in it so that it becomes thick. According to the thick face pack you want, you can add more or less amount of milk.

11. Saffron and Milk

Keep five threads of saffron soaked in a tablespoon of raw milk overnight. In the morning, this face pack will give a nice sweet aroma. Mix milk and saffron well next morning and apply it on the face. If you want, you can make it in a greater amount and apply it on the entire body.

12. Marigold Face Pack

Grind lilies of flowers or grind their petals in a mixer. Now add raw milk as per your wish (according to the thick or thin face pack you want). Finally, mix honey in this face pack to make it even smoother.

13. Sandalwood & Oil

Take a T-spoon roasted oil, sandalwood powder paste and gram flour. Mix these three and gradually add raw milk to it and make a paste. The quantity of raw milk depends on whether you want the pack to be thin or thick.

14. Milk Ice Cubes

Take a clean ice tray and add raw milk to it and keep it in Refrigerator. When the milk takes the shape of ice cubes, you can rub it on the face to Remove Dark Spots and Sun Tan.

15. Avocado & Milk Face Pack

Pour the avocado pulp into the mixer and grind it. Now add half a cup of milk in it. Check after grinding whether it is worth applying. If it is too thick, then add more milk to it and grind it again. Put this pack on face 15-20 minutes for good results.

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