How To Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally


It is important to know that cholesterol is very good for our health. But the diseases start when it starts to choke the blood cells. In this situation, blood circulation starts to be interrupted, and the heart has to pump more until it surrenders.Cholesterol heart

Increased cholesterol is one such time bomb that can take the life of a person. High cholesterol levels especially LDL also known as bad cholesterol in blood lead to a variety of diseases. So let’s know ways to reduce high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is of two types: Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL). Out of these LDL is called bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol helps in controlling hormones. It helps in keeping the body healthy by absorbing toxic elements of blood. To make the brain function properly cholesterol must be normal. Cholesterol is essential for making vitamin from vitamin B in the body.

Cholesterol levels in the blood should be in the range of 3.6 to 7.8 millimoles per liter. When this level becomes 6 millimoles per liter, it is called high cholesterol. But the risk of heart attack increases after 7.8 millimoles/ liter.

Reasons for High cholesterol:-

  • Weight Gain
  • Do not work hard
  • Negligence in eating
  • Genetic
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased sugar levels in diabetes patients when blood is thickening.

How To Lower Bad cholesterol

Aloe Vera: Daily taking 50 grams of aloe vera empty stomach can bring cholesterol in control. Be sure to remove the yellow liquid of aloe vera before eating.

Coriander: Soak the standing coriander overnight in fresh water and drink its water in the morning. Also, mix ghee and coriander and eat it.

Sprouted Grain: Sprouted pulses are called a friend of the heart. Daily intake of sprouted pulses reduces bad cholesterol. You can take soup, salad or veg in any form for at least half a cup of beans like rajma, gram, moong, soya bean and pulses in your daily meal.

Oats : Oats at breakfast in the morning is a wonderful start for a healthy day. By taking oats daily in breakfast up to 6 weeks, you can reduce LDL by 5.3%.

Green Tea: Green tea contains very little caffeine compared to coffee. Also, the antioxidant keeps the body healthy and fights bad cholesterol. By drinking green tea every day, the body’s immune system also improves.

Dry Fruits: According to the American Heart Association, dry fruits are essential for our health, because they contain plenty of protein fiber and vitamin-E. Besides, healthy fatty acids are also found in the nuts and are very effective in reducing cholesterol.

Reduce obesity: Obesity is one of the major causes of cholesterol growth. Do not let the weight increase if the risk of high cholesterol increases. Due to high cholesterol and obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are also caused.

Yoga and Exercise: Do not wait for weight gain for yoga and exercise. Yoga improves blood circulation, protects against heart diseases, and increases disease resistance.

A person suffering from cholesterol exercises for 5 days a week. Jogging, cycling, swimming, and aerobics can also be done. If you can not do anything, then walk for at least half an hour daily.

Healthy Diet: Do not eat fat enhancers to control cholesterol. They can eat everything, from which all the nutrients can be. Avoid eating egg yolk, junk food, fried cheese, full cream milk and red meat.

Avoid Too Many medicines: Use medicines only with doctoral advice but not medicines, eat arbitrarily on things to hear. Try to overcome the condition of dependency on medicines by making necessary changes in lifestyle.

Keep in mind that cholesterol should be checked every 6 months. And people over 20 years of age should be tested once every 5 years.

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