How To Become Interesting Person : 8 Ways


If you have ever had the feeling of not being interesting to the people you know. Do not worry! There are many ways to become a more interesting person and in this article, we tell you the best 8.

8 Ways to become a more interesting person

Being an interesting person basically requires two variables: The first is to have interesting things to tell and the second to know how to tell these things. If to this fundamental axis we add a little charisma and a bit of knowing how to treat people, we will achieve our goal.

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To train these skills you can follow the following points:

1. Ask the right questions

When you talk to other people you must learn to ask the right questions that lead you to know their interests, passions, and lifestyle. Only by knowing these questions can you develop the best conversation topics that allow you to establish a true connection with your interlocutors.

2. Take Interest in others

Related to the previous point is the need to be interested first. Normally, people like to feel the attention of other people, feel heard and therefore valued.

If we take an attitude of interest towards the people with whom we speak we will be creating a predisposition in them to take that same attitude for us.

3. Read a lot

How we commented at the beginning of the article, “have interesting things to say” is one of the keys to be more interesting.

Reading is a great source of knowledge of all kinds that we can develop later in a conversation. The general and specific culture that reading brings will allow you to find many more topics in confluence with the tastes of your interlocutors and therefore you can have much more interesting conversations for all.

Of course we must take into account the tastes and passions of the people we talk to, since for us what can be an interesting topic for others can be a very boring topic.

4. Develop new skills

Developing new skills such as playing an instrument, learning to cook or program are also interesting ways to create stories to connect with other people.

These skills will make you even more interesting as the people who discover them will see in you a source of solutions and inspiration.

5. Travel

Traveling is an inexhaustible source of experiences and stories. There is nothing more interesting than coinciding with having visited a destination with the person with whom you are speaking and having a good topic of conversation at that moment.

Similarly, if a person plans to travel to a site that you have already visited, you will see in you an important reference for advice and guidance for the visit of that place.

6. Learn to tell stories

We have already said that the way of telling things is just as important as having things to tell. Being a good storyteller is not easy. If you are not very good at telling stories that “hook” your audience you will have to learn to do so little by little.

The initial advice is not to count things as they come to your head. Many times the ideas that we have clear in our head and that sound very good to us, when we say them, we do not express them with the same clarity, and they stop sounding as good as we thought. Before saying something it is convenient to reflect a bit and look for the best way to create the story.

7. Be curious

Being curious, wondering about things and exploring everything around you is a great way to get feedback to be more interesting. Maintaining a curious mentality helps us to understand the world from different perspectives and not to be closed in front of any opinion.

8. Live experiences

People tend to consider more interesting those people who have had more experiences. In this case we could understand as experiences all those activities that go out of the usual and that we usually remember the rest of our lives.

To give some examples we could understand by experience from parachuting on an airplane, to participating in a professional theater play.

Now put these tips into practice and start “cultivating” your most interesting side. Do you know any other trick to become an interesting person? Share it with us and we can mention it in future articles.

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