10 Interesting and Creepy Facts About Sleeping


The most interesting impressions we get in a dream. We sleep a third of life. All people see dreams, but the overwhelming majority do not remember them. So that it does not turn out that in a dream we know more about the awake than we are aware of us sleeping in the waking state.


In ancient times people attached great importance to dreams. During military campaigns, the generals were accompanied by interpreters of dreams. The dream could be submitted to the Senate for consideration.

Here are some interesting and some creepy facts about sleeping that you probably did not know.

1. Phase of Sleep Paralysis in a dream

There is a phase of dreams, which is called the phase of fast eye movements, BDG. It is at this time that we see images that we remember as a dream. The phase of rapid eye movements takes 20-25% of the night time, that is 90-120 minutes. During the BDG, a special mechanism in the brain paralyzes the body. This helps to prevent unnecessary movements and possible traumas in a dream. When the phase of fast eye movements ends, we can again move in a dream – turn over from side to side, etc.

2. Listening to music before bedtime is useful

People who listen to music before going to sleep, fall asleep more quickly, sleep longer, less often wake up at night. Music affects the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes the muscles.

The regularity of falling asleep to music enhances its relaxing effect, developing a habit. The body begins to perceive relaxing music, as a conditioned reflex for sleep.

It is better to listen to not fast music with a rhythm from 60 to 80 beats per minute.

3. Orgasm in a dream

In dreams, you can not only have sex and get pleasure from it, as in real life, but also experience a violent orgasm without accompanying physiological processes. Feelings of sex in a dream can be stronger than in real life.


4. Everybody Dreams

Dreams are seen by everyone who does not have extreme mental disorders. If a person is sure that he does not dream, it means that he forgets his dreams immediately after awakening. Dexterously using a long-term skill, he pushes them out of consciousness, as something irrational, uncontrollable, and therefore superfluous.


5. Symbolism in Dreams

We very rarely see familiar everyday things and situations in a dream. Even when we dream something that seems to be well-known, in a dream this dream object acquires a completely different meaning.

Dreams are deeply symbolic, in a dream we fall into the space of primary archetypes. Dreams can be an important marker of our relationship with reality.

6. Blind people and dreams

People who once had a vision, but are blind, can see spatial and color images in a dream. Blind-born pictures are not seen, but their dreams are very vivid impressions associated with sound, smell, touch and emotions.

7. We dream of people we know

The mind can not think of a new character that we would not have met in our lives. Only our friends are dreaming. But those who we have not remembered or forgotten can dream. Over the course of our life we ​​meet a huge number of people, hundreds of thousands of people pass before our eyes. In that part of the consciousness that is in charge of dreams, there is no shortage of material for constructing various symbols and images.

8. Colorful and black and white dreams

Studies from 1915 to the fifties of the 20th century showed that 12% of people see only black and white dreams. Since the sixties the picture has changed. Today, 4.4% of people see black and white dreams. Most likely, such changes are due to the fact that black and white movies gave way to color, television and other media using a color image appeared.

9. We often wake up at night

Every night we wake up to 15 times. This happens when we move from one stage of sleep to another. The moments of awakening are so short that we do not realize them and do not remember them.

10. In a dream, we are getting higher

When we are in a horizontal position, the spine does not undergo pressure and straightens. Since morning we are 1 cm higher than in the evening.

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