How To Live Long Life & Disease Free


old manNowadays everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. But nowadays, life is full of competition, very few people live a long and healthy life. The biggest reason for this is unbalanced food and drink. But you do not need to panic. By making a small difference in your daily life and lifestyle, you can increase your lifespan and live up to 100 years.

For a prolonged age you will first have to take a vow that you will become part of a healthy lifestyle because without all of this it is difficult to be resolute. Exercising daily, weight loss and dieting help increase your life. Regular observance of all these works can easily survive for 100 years. If not 100 years, then at least the long life can be easily found.

Apart from exercising exercise and eating balanced food, in some villages of Italy, over 90 years of age, they have survived for so many years due to a healthy body.

According to the news published in International Ficognrietrics, in this study, 29 villagers received reactions from Italy’s Silton Province on topics such as migration, traumatic events, and their beliefs. Apart from this, there are many important things that we can bring to our daily routine life and live for 100 years.

  1. Take Fat in moderation

  2. saying no to gluten food

Fat is both good and bad. In order to burn fat, regular doses of good fats are also required, which are also called unsaturated fats. These are natural energy capsules that help improve your energy level. If you work day-to-day regularly, good fat increases your level of patience and communicates more energy in your performance.

2.Eat Fresh Foods


The primary principle of living a healthy life is fresh food meals. The natural compunds found in fresh food items will reduce the contact of your body, some of which we do not know correctly. And it is best to eat food in raw form ie; in salad form.

3.Eat Less food


Eating less food promotes healthy aging because it protects your body cells from harmful effects or deterioration. According to some medical studies, it also reduces the risk of cancer.

4. Take Plenty of Rest


Ideally 8 hour sleep is best for a healthy body and it is not fixed. Let you body decide how much to sleep depending on how tired you feel that day. You job is to sleep early so you can wake up early.

5. Drink More Water

drink water

Most people do not drink enough water due to their busy schedule and habits of not taking enough water. Water is very important to keep your skin hydrated and make it look young.

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