How To Do Manicure, Pedicure At Home – Steps


manicure pedicureDo you want to do manicure at home and want to know how to make the perfect manicure and pedicure with your own hands at home. This step by step guide will equip with you you need to know.

A quality manicure is an indispensable attribute in any image of a woman. According to the stylists, if to make the perfect pedicure , it can serve not only as an accent in the image, but also will be able to draw luck. The manicure can be done both in the beauty salon and at home. But before you start creating a manicure, you need to read the basic steps of the manicure procedure and how to properly carry it out at home.

1.Choose the shape of the nails

Get rid of the old polish with acetone. Then decide on the shape of the nail and proceed with the sawing. Thin and elongated fingers are most suitable for a wide square shape of the nail. If you have a wide convex nail plate, then choose a pointed long form. For all forms of fingers and nails, the classic oval shape of the nail is ideal.

2. Remove the cuticles

After you have given your nails the desired shape, proceed to the processing of the cuticle. You can choose both edged and unedged manicure/ pedicure . If you will often use the cutoff method of removing the cuticle, eventually it will start to grow faster.

Unedged Manicure/ Pedicure Method:

  • Apply a little remover to the skin around the nail plate;
  • Gently spread it over the cuticle and wait 2 minutes;
  • Gently move the cuticle with a special wooden stick;
  • Move the stick along the arc of the nail along the cuticle and along the ridges, removing the dead skin cells;
  • Rinse the remnants of the product.

The cutting method of Manicure/ pedicure :

  • Make a special bath for hands and keep your hands in it for 5 minutes, then pull and wipe dry with a towel;
  • Move the cuticle with a special stick;
  • Remove the dead skin of the cuticle with the help of nail scissors or special tweezers.
  • Remove the burrs with the same tweezers;
  • Disinfect the treated area with an alcohol solution.

3.In the final stage, apply oil

Apply oil on the cuticle or greasy cream and let it soak. For this, olive, almond or coconut oil or nourishing cream is perfect. Only after that you can start applying the varnish.

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