How To Develop Your Personality & Confidence


There is an opinion that the personal qualities that a person possesses are given to him from birth. Someone has already been born with a sense of humor, and someone just lucky to grow up a charismatic person. Therefore, often we do not even think about taking the path of personal development. Of course, something is given to us is more comfortable with something we have to work and train consistently. However, in fact, there is no such positive personality trait that you could not develop in yourself to become even more attractive and successful.

We have collected precisely those properties of character that can be developed in ourselves for a successful and happy life.

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Confident people always have an advantage over doubters, because they are strong people who inspire others and control the course of events. According to the research, self-confident people earn more and move faster on the career ladder.

Go in for sports: a sense of concentration and a sense of control over the body gives stability both physically and emotionally. Stop ceasing to perceive other people’s reactions to your actions as rules that need to be met. Do not seek approval from the outside. A confident person himself manages his life, taking responsibility for his actions.

Ability to say “No”

Inability to refuse indicates low self-esteem. Also, trouble-free people are rarely thankful and do not appreciate them for this quality, and such help is regarded as a norm. Any situation where a person gives more than he gets in return or gives something that he has so little provokes stress.

You can learn to say “no” at any time. Do not be afraid to offend a person by refusal; you are hardly the only one who could help. Quickly go and those who parasitize on you. Really strong people understand that they can not always help, and there’s nothing to worry about. Accordingly, there will be no offense, and you will save your strength by putting them in something useful for you personally.

Sense of Humor

People like funny people who know how to laugh at themselves and failures. Laughing relieves the situation, allows you to see the positive side and easier to establish relationships with others. Witty people are valued, even more, they are drawn to them because it’s easy with them.

To develop this quality, stop taking things too seriously. Watch people: many of them always joke and make jokes in return. Do not be offended by trifles; you know how to laugh at yourself. Train associative thinking, as many jokes are built on the play of words.

Have Concentration Ability

In fact, workers who are the most productive do not process, as the study shows.

All that is needed for effective work is concentration. Disconnect messengers, sound from the phone, do not listen to music if it distracts you. Immerse yourself completely in the task you need to do. As the appetite comes with eating, so inspiration comes during work. When you constantly jerk, the brain is difficult to rearrange. And what is given to the brain with difficulty, we consider unpleasant. Therefore, the motivation is reduced.

Besides, you need to adjust the regime of the day: sleep and eat enough so that it does not interfere with the work.

Ability to read other people

Many people are sure that the ability to read thoughts is in the category of super abilities, and for this, it is necessary to be a psychic, but it’s not so at all. It’s enough just to listen to what they say, and not to think out more. Do not think out for a person, do not conduct a dialogue with him.

You communicate, for example, with a person for a while. And then it abruptly disappears, and you are perplexed: how did this happen? Everything was normal. And then it turns out that nothing was normal. You wanted to meet, and he fed you “breakfasts,” hotly promising to see you next time. No matter how good the reasons, the one who wants to meet will always find the time. Empty promises are nothing more than politeness.

Did the person confess to you in feelings and for you it became like a bolt from the blue? Because before that you did not pay attention to the fact that he distinguished you among all the others, he often wrote, asked how things were, showed initiative.

To guess the motives of other people, and to understand the reasons for their behavior, it is enough to pay attention to what they say and do, where they look and to whom they smile. Compare these things and conclude. Of course, you do not need to do this all your free time.

The ability to attract people

Some people are so charming that they seem to like absolutely everything. These people have charisma – a quality that any person can develop.

When communicating, try to establish eye contact: look at the interlocutor with a relaxed and calm look, smile. Charismatic people know how to listen to the interlocutor and be with him on the same wave. So do not rush to spread information about yourself, ask questions to him better. Do not suppress your emotions if you were told something offensive – show that you do not like it. But only not a tedious lecture, but an end to the conversation. Go to a bar or a toilet or translate a topic.

The ability to control the reactions of one’s body

Self-control is the ability to control emotions and behavior that helps us achieve our goals. It is necessary for the successful execution of most of our daily affairs at work, in school, in personal relationships. With its help, you can remain balanced, restrained and maintain external and inner peace. To develop this ability, it is necessary to be able to determine and understand your emotions.

Rapid heartbeat, muscle tone of the body or, lack of appetite or, conversely, its excess is an alarm. It can be learned to extinguish, doing simple breathing exercises and more complex meditations.

Panic attacks can be stopped, for this, there are special exercises.

Simpler reactions like irritation, escaping rudeness or raising the voice, and even more can be stopped, simply by taking charge of yourself and eliminating areas where you lose one by one.

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