How To Determine Baby Gender At Home


pregnancyThere are some popular ways to know the sex of the baby according to the shape of the mother’s belly, the symptoms of pregnancy nausea or the appearance of the skin and hair.

The table below shows 10 popular characteristics to determine the baby sex.

CharacteristicsBoy SignsGirl Signs
1. Belly shapePointed belly, resembling a melonWell round belly, resembling a watermelon
2. FoodMore desire to eat saltyMore desire to eat sweets
3. Alba LineIf the linea alba, a dark line that appears in the belly, reach the stomachIf the linea alba, a dark line that appears in the belly, reach the navel
4. NuisanceFew morning sicknessesFrequent morning sickness
5. SkinMost beautiful skinOily and prone skin
6. Face shapeFace look slimmer than before you conceivedFace look more chubby during pregnancy
7. Another childIf another girl sympathizes with youIf another boy sympathizes with you
8. Eating habitsEat the whole loafAvoid eating the tips of bread
9. DreamsTo dream that you will have a girlTo dream that there will be a boy
10. HairSofter and lighterMore dry and opaque

When can you find out the gender of your baby

From 20 weeks of gestation, it is already possible to know if it is a boy or a girl, and the best way to know the sex of the baby is through ultrasound. However, there are also other tests that can be used before 20 weeks of gestation at Clinic, such as:

Pharmacy Test: It is similar to the pregnancy test, using the woman’s urine to evaluate the production of hormones and know the sex of the baby. This test should be done from the 10th week of gestation, but it is not reliable if the woman is pregnant with twins. Here’s how to do this test in Intelligender ;

Blood Test: called a fetal sexing examination, it can be done from the 8th week of gestation and does not need a medical prescription.

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