How To Cure Depression & Anxiety Naturally


Everybody gets sad once a while but continues sadness is what is known as depression. Suffering from depression is often suffering from the anguish that seems to have no end. Although there are the most varied medications available in pharmacies, depression can also be treated and cured with natural foods.10 natural antidepressants list

It is important that depression is treated under the guidance of a physician, since only a health professional is able to guide the best treatment for each case. But, in addition to the treatment indicated by the doctor, there are natural foods & herbs capable of eliminating the symptoms and the depression itself without any side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

How To Cure Depression, Anxiety Using Foods

1. Broccoli for Depression/ Anxiety

It’s hard to find anyone who does not like broccoli, especially now that it helps fight depression. Rich in calcium, protein and vitamin B6 , broccoli helps maintain a healthy body with a sense of well-being. Also indicated to treat insomnia. It is advisable to consume at least one dish of food per day that contains broccoli when suffering from depression.

2. Sweet Potato for Depression

The sweet potato can be used in the treatment for depression, as it is very rich in L-tryptophan, amino acid responsible for reducing and preventing anxiety and depression. It also has high amounts of potassium and magnesium, reducing pressure and consequently stress.

3.Hemp Seeds for Depression, Anxiety

The hemp seeds have high amounts of Omega 3 essential in the treatment of depression. Its versatile flavor makes it possible for hemp seeds to be used in the preparation of salads, stews or other varieties of hot dishes.

4. Quinoa for Depression

The quinoa is a flowering plant that has large amounts of iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 , and essential amino acids. It can be used in the preparation of hot and cold dishes and thanks to its properties it is able to combat depression.

5. Green Leaves

The green leaves of any type found in the “vegetables & fruit” sections of supermarkets are one of the most powerful natural remedies for depression. It stabilizes the pressure, decrease the urge to sugar intake , are rich in vitamins C, omega 3 , iron and magnesium. Some top green leaafy vegetables include as spinach, chard, arugula, and lettuce.

6. Nuts for Depression & Anxiety

Nuts is another food that everyone loves and is eeasy to eat and carry anywhere. Walnuts are rich in magnesium and omega 3 , and bring several health benefits to the brain. They control possible inflammation of the site, contribute to good mood and still regulate the body’s cholesterol levels.

7. Flax Seeds

In addition to being tasty, flax is rich in alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3, aids in the treatment of depression. Flax can be used to sprinkle or season foods since it has irresistible taste, similar to nuts.

8. Avocado

The avocado has many properties that help in treating depression. It has rich amounts of potassium, vitamin B and folate, all collaborating to decrease levels of anxiety and stress.

9. Seeds of Chia

Seeds of chia help a lot in the treatment of depression because they are rich in iron, amino acids and vitamin B essential for the proper functioning of brain health. In addition, they are also an excellent source of fiber and Omega 3 that decrease anxiety and depression.

10. Oats

Oats have several nutrients capable of fighting depression, anxiety, and stress, so their consumption is indicated in the treatment. It is important to make sure that oats do not contain traces of gluten, as there are numerous reports of the relationship of gluten to depression.

General guidelines for treating depression

Depression is a serious illness that requires the examination of a doctor. If you are depressed or suspect, seek help from friends and family. Just as it is up to those who are not depressed to help a friend or loved one in this situation.

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