How To Calculate Waist Hip Ratio


waistDid you know that the so-called waist-hip index (ICC) is also very important that the body mass index (BMI) when assessing the risks that are suffered by overweight or obesity?

What is Waist To Hip Ratio

The hip-hip index is an anthropometric measure used to measure intra-abdominal fat levels.

Why Is Waist To Hip Ratio Important?

Until now, the BMI is considered the basic parameter to calculate the ideal weight and the negative repercussions of overweight on health. Although today the ICC is given great importance because it determines the accumulation of fat in the area of ​​the hips (more frequent in women) and in the waist (more frequent in men), and that many studies indicate as a extra risk factor when suffering from diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, hypertension, myocardial infarction or dyslipidemia.

How To Calculate Waist To Hip Ratio

The waist to hip ratio is measured by dividing the result of measuring the entire perimeter of the waist just at the height of the last floating rib between the result of measuring the entire perimeter of the hip at the level of the buttocks.

Waist-Hip Ratio = waist (centimeters) / hip (centimeters).

In women, a normal result that does not involve risks should be between 0.78 – 0.85 centimeters. In males, the result should be between 0.78-0.94 centimeters. Higher values ​​will indicate abdominal obesity, which implies suffering the diseases that I have detailed in the part above.

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