How much water should I drink per day?


Drinking fluid improves mood, increases concentration, maintains healthy organs, allows recovery after a long day and reduces muscle fatigue as well as cramps. But how much water is recommended to consume for an average person?glass of water

Did you know that the recommended daily intake of water depends on many factors, such as age, gender, weight, health, physical activity, food, medicines consumed and even the weather!
For a healthy adult, the US Department of Agriculture recommends drinking one litre of water per 22 kilograms (50 pounds) of body weight per day.

Drinking between 2 and 3 litres is what is recommended for people who are on a diet. This level of consumption helps to stay healthy, purify or detoxify the body, improve your metabolism and above all: advanced weight loss goals, among other benefits.

Healthy Tips for Drinking More Water

Although taking this amount of water may seem complicated at first, there are some tricks that can help make it simpler:

Take two glasses after 1 hour of each meal but avoid during meal as it cools down the heat required for digestion. That will allow you to add more to the “quota” of fluid you need per day to stay healthy.

Get a bottle of an average size that you find comfortable and wear it whenever you leave your home. It is surprising what can increase your consumption with this little habit.

Add fruit to the water to make it taste better or make preparations like lemonade or smoothies. This is ideal for people who do not like juices much.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink a water bottle, this is ideal for people with a busy schedule or for those who are very forgetful.

Include your accomplishments in a diary or food planner. On one hand, a food journal with the calorie count and on the other, how many glasses of water you take daily.

Drinking soda can also be fun for those who like the pleasure of bubbles.

Ask for a tea when you go with friends to coffee shops or bars where they offer this type of infusions, instead of choosing others with higher concentrations of substances that make you fat. In this way, the count will equal zero calories.

What happens when the water you drink is too much?

Water has lots of health benefits, but can one drink too much water? In exceptional cases, drinking lots of water can be negative. If you take an extreme amount of water in a short time, sodium levels in your blood can become dangerously low and cause a condition called hyponatremia, or “water intoxication.” It is a dangerous condition that can sometimes be fatal. Babies and young children are especially susceptible due to their small size and low body mass.

Experts advise drinking only as much as you can to sweat, and always only the amount your kidneys can process. If your urine is excessively clear you should reduce the amount of water you are drinking. In short: listen to your body and do not drink more than you feel comfortable.

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