How To Make Your Life Better & Happier


girl jumping“Life is a fantastic thing”

In some people, it flows calmly, slowly and more like a pond with stagnant water. Then, as in others, it seethes with intense events, resembling a mountain river.

It is worth thinking about how to make your life interesting, full of bright colors, because the time measured for us from the point of enjoying it is not so much.

You will not have time to notice how you will be on the threshold of old age, regretting that only existed, and did not live at the maximum.

To understand that I want to see my life interesting is to make half a step to success …

If you are interested in this topic, if you are seriously thinking about how to make life so bright and exciting, you have made significant progress towards success.

After all, most people still drag the gray existence for many years without even trying to paint their lives with bright colors.

While young (not important – the soul or body), you need to use good health and cheerfulness of the maximally profitable for yourself, to live interesting.

If you managed to make your life interesting, it means that:

  • You will see and know much more than other people;
  • You will not regret the expiration of many years of wasted time;
  • Find what to tell your offspring;
  • Make useful acquaintances;
  • Improve your mood, get rid of flashes of irritation, lethargy, and apathy, which is Inherent in those who live bored;
  • Gather a sea of ​​vivid impressions and emotions unknown to others;
  • Get an exceptional new experience with nothing, and this is much more expensive than many material things.

Inna realized that she was wasting her precious gift of youth in 19 years.
She was a student, she did not have any financial problems due to having well-earning parents, she had every right to enjoy her student life, but instead, she lived bored and gray: the house is a university, the university is a house.
And even the periodic participation in student’s parties did not make her happy. At one point the girl realized that she had to do something, change her life.

And began to act:

  1. Made a wish list .
  2. She singled out those desires that are easiest to implement and start with.

Gradually, her list expanded. Realized dreams were replaced by new ones, experience accumulated, interesting people appeared alongside with whom it was never boring.
By the age of 25, the girl already had such a diverse and exciting experience, which many forty-year-olds could not boast . Also, she found her favorite work in tourism, married a man who was also interested in living and trying something new.
Life has made sense!

As you can see, the main thing to do is to realize that you are living wrong, that your life can not be called interesting. After realizing this fact, it will be easier to understand in which direction to move and what needs to be done to change everything for the better.

Make your life Happier & Betterrelaxing-tips

Of course, no one will give you detailed instructions on how to make life interesting. Because the recipe for happiness for everyone is individual.

But, I hope, after reading the article, you will understand which direction you need to move.

1. How to start Improving your Life?

The first thing you need to do is realize that your life is not as impressive as you would like. Without the adoption of this fact, nothing will happen.

Then we start acting according to this action plan:

S.No.Item of the Action planImplementation
1.Make a list of what you likeFor example, I like:
– speed;
– travels;
– Tasty food;
– art.
Here you already have directions in which you need to realize yourself in order to make your life interesting.
2.Make a list of your innermost desires.Remember childhood dreams, and what your darling yearns for. Of course, not all of this list can be implemented, but many items, I’m sure, are subject to implementation.
3.Start With Simple StepOnce again, read both compiled lists and highlight the first item to implement.Begin with something extremely simple, because in the initial stage of excessive complexity can lead to the fact that you refuse to further implement the plan.

And it would be nice to enlist the support of a like-minded person, for example, the best friend or boyfriend. So you can support and inspire each other.

2. Basic steps to make your life interesting.

You can not make your life interesting without realizing the main stages. Without action, it’s hard to feel like a happy person.

Yes, it is possible to do autosuggestion, as everything is wonderful for you, but you will only deceive yourself until you come across a truly fascinating life of another person.

So, how to improve your life :

1.Set goals and achieve them.

You can not just dream and do nothing to realize even a part of your fantasies. You must set goals and achieve their speedy implementation.

2.Find your destination.

People who adore their profession already live an interesting life. They and the hobby are not needed to enjoy every day. If for you going to work is a flour, then it makes sense to do something else or at least go to work for another company.

Perhaps, there you will be much more exciting and more fun to work. A lot depends on the team and the boss.

3.Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Among your friends, the majority should be easy on the rise, active, eager to do everything for an interesting life.

4.Find a hobby

Without hobbies, it’s hard to make your life truly interesting. All the same, apart from work and family, there must be something else in the life of a person that brings him pleasure.


The Internet has given us excellent opportunities for taking online courses. Learning something new, you get excellent opportunities for implementation, user experience, dating, etc.

6.Try something new

You can not limit yourself to only known if your goal is to make your life interesting. Come out of the comfort zone, expand your boundaries, do what you did not even dream about, what you were afraid of, etc.

7.Participate in interesting events taking place in your city

It can be festivals, fairs, holidays, performances, performances, social projects, etc. Yes, you will not like everything, but you definitely will not miss anything interesting.

8.Break the ties

If all your friends are whining and lazy people, for whom the most interesting event in life is to get out once a year on shish kebabs in the forest, sooner or later they will drag you into their routine.

All that hinders, fetters, does not allow to grow and develop, should remain in the past.

9.Get rid of bad habits.

If you decide to make your life full of exciting events, you should understand that you will need a lot of energy to implement your plans.

And this means that you need:

  • Start eating properly;
  • Do sport;
  • Quit smoking and consuming excessive alcohol.

10.Have enough rest

Time for rest and sleep will be missed catastrophically, but you can not drive yourself. You must listen to your body.

If he says that today you should sleep 2 hours longer and lie in bed a little, fulfill his demands to do more tomorrow.

7 useful tips and 5 possible difficulties, how to make your life interesting

At first it is difficult to orient, how to make life so interesting, bright, saturated, but not insane and self-destructive.

You will be helped by the advice of people who have managed to change their lives, bring in many interesting things, but at the same time maintain the adequacy and instinct of self-preservation.

A) Useful advice on how to make your life interesting.

Those people who have already passed the experience of turning their boring existence into an interesting life are ready to advise the beginners:

1.Make new friends.socializing

The wider the circle of your acquaintances, the more likely you are to participate in some interesting event.

There you will be offered to take care of yourself, they will be invited to some kind of creative project, and here they propose to go on an exciting trip for half the price.

2.Do not waste cartoon idea

Just try to calculate how much time you spend watching TV, aimlessly wandering around stupid sites and such nonsense. But you can spend time more useful and interesting.

3.Do not just take it, but give it away.Mother Holding her kid

Helping others means helping yourself and making the world in which you live, better. You can not use others. You need to learn how to sincerely give them a piece of yourself.

This can be done through charity, participation in volunteer projects. By the way, volunteering is an excellent opportunity not only to do something good but also to travel for grants money.

4.Try to get the benefit and pleasure even from the most unpleasant situation.jogging in winter

If you live interesting, force majeure will not become such a rare event in your life. Learn to take them for granted.

Did you go camping and the weather deteriorated? But how romantic it is to lie in a tent and listen to the sound of rain.

5.Enjoy what you are doingman and women

If you do not enjoy what you are doing (it does not matter – in working or free time), life will not be enjoyable. It will be as dull as before, only free time will become much less.

Do what you like, not just what you should.

6.Less negative

Yes, in life there are sad events, yes, not everything that has been conceived can be realized, yes, we have to face different difficulties, but are these reasons to dwell on the negative?

Think positively, concentrate on the sources of joy and occasions of sadness will become much less.

7.Send the right signals to the universehealth-activities

Think often about what you want to do in life. Moreover, it is better to think about this, as about the events that are necessarily carried out. The universe will not remain deaf to the signals that you send to it.

B) Difficulties that a person can face, who thinks about how to make his life interesting

I will not promise you that everything will go as smoothly as possible and, by magic, your life from boring and gray will turn into interesting and bright.

It will be difficult, you will have to make a lot of mistakes, there will come a time when you want to spit on everything and let yourself go, as it goes.

But, if you come to everything competently, the result will exceed all your expectations.

Here are a number of mistakes that should not be allowed to those who want to make their life interesting:

  1. To be afraid

If you want to make your life really interesting, then you will have to overcome some fears, for example, heights or communication with strangers.

If you do not do this, you will lose many joys. And you should prepare for the fact that adrenaline in your life will become much more. Do not be afraid of this.

  1. Lose the adequacy

Yes, your goal is bright, sometimes even acute emotions, but the instinct of self-preservation has not been canceled yet. Do not risk your life in vain for the maximum amount of adrenaline.

After all, it’s not so long to lose life itself, then certainly nothing more interesting will happen.

  1. Spend more money than you earn

Of course, free of charge interesting events in life happen not so often, but also mad, collecting loans, so that, for example, traveling without thinking about how you will give them, is silly.

If you do not have enough money for luxury overseas voyages, travel economically in your home country or learn how to earn more.

  1. Ignore the real life in pursuit of vivid emotions

Of course, interesting events should be in the life of each person, but if in pursuit of them you ignore the chance to get a well-paid job or to find the second half, then did not you play too much in the adventurer’s unconventional conventions? Still, do not take too much off reality.

  1. Making the wrong choice.

Our whole life consists of choice. From what decisions we make, the further development of events depends.

If you want to make these events interesting, choose the right one: travel, not kitchen repair, extreme driving courses, not an expensive dress, etc.

If you understand what you want and what pleases you, it will be much easier to figure out how to make your life interesting and productive. Will only follow the call of heart.

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