Heartburn: Foods To Avoid


Heartburn is an uncomfortable sensation that can spoil your mood. If you face frequent heartburn then it is recommended to avoid alcohol, caffeinated foods such as chocolate or coffee, and even black tea.heartburn

Food to avoid heartburn can also be indicated during pregnancy because it is a very common nuisance of pregnant women.

Tips To Ease Heartburn

  • Make small meals easy to digest like cooked fruits and vegetables, throughout the day;
  • Avoid eating foods with sauces such as lasagna, pasta or pizza, which has a lot of fat;
  • Avoid drinking liquids during meals. Water can facilitate the return of food from the stomach causing heartburn,
  • Avoid eating soup, especially at night before going to sleep;

Keeping your weight under control, or even losing weight, is ideal for weight loss, it helps reduce heartburn because it lowers the pressure that abdominal fat makes on the stomach, preventing stomach contents and gastric acid from flowing out of the stomach into the stomach. esophagus, causing heartburn.

Foods that Cause Heartburn

Foods with high-fat content cause heartburn and should be eliminated from the patient’s diet with heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. Some that cause heartburn are:

  • Coxinha, pastel or any other fried food
  • Fats that are added in the salad or in the bread like olive oil or butter or curd;
  • Sausage, ham, mortadella, salami or any sausage;
  • Fatty meats like picanha and even fish like salmon or cod;
  • Peppers, spices and very spicy foods.

These foods should be eliminated from food because they increase the chances of heartburn and reflux.

Another very practical tip is to place a piece of wood about 7 inches high on the feet of the headboard, so the slope does not allow the gastric contents to return to the esophagus while sleeping.

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