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Benefits of Eating Only Bananas For A Week

Adding this tropical fruit to the morning diet gives essential nutrients to our body. The banana is a very tasty tropical fruit with lots of minerals and vitamins, and many health benefits if eaten frequently....
saying no to gluten food

How To Cut Back On Eating For Losing Weight

Probably, you had to fall into the situation, when instead of "a cup of coffee" with a friend you eat a couple of cakes, a piece of cookie, "a little" sweets and some other...
brinjal eggplant

3 Eggplant Weight Loss Recipes

Weight loss with eggplant is an efficient way to lose belly as it greatly reduces hunger and helps in eliminating fat. Also, eating eggplant every day provides fibre that helps in the proper functioning...

Juicing For Memory & Concentration Power

An excellent natural tonic/ juice for the mind is guarana tea, acai juice with guarana and Catuaba or apple juice with chamomile and lemon tea. 1. Natural tonic for the mind with Guarana The natural tonic...
Girl Sipping Warm Water

5 Reasons To Drink Warm Water In The Morning

Water is necessary for all life forms on Earth. It is an important component in a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, according to a study conducted at Harvard, many Americans do not receive enough water, which...

How To Prevent A Cold Naturally

To have an iron health all year long and not catch any cold or flu, you have to follow the wise advice of the grandmother and "eat to be strong". The diet is the...

Diet Plan For Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Physical activity and weight loss are the most important elements in the process of monitoring blood sugar levels. Physical education will help you lose weight, as well as improve sensitivity to insulin, even if...

How To Resist Cravings For Junk food

How to overcome cravings for junk foods ? This question worries everyone who cares about their health, works on weight reduction or just wants to keep themselves in good shape. Of course, this is...

5 Juices To Drink For Constipation

Constipation is a condition that can lead to very bad times. But natural juices are great allies to stop suffering and put aside constipation. Prepare 5 Juices For Constipation 1. Oat and Apple Juice: A glass...

Balanced Protein Breakfast For An Active Day

A full breakfast is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The body is difficult to wake up, tune in to active work when the morning begins with a cup of coffee, a quick snack on...

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