6 Health Benefits Of Eating On The Floor


eating on floor

In today’s time, everyone likes to sit in bed or chair but in ancient times people especially in Asian countries like India, China, japan had a tradition of sitting on the floor while eating. This was mainly due to many health benefits of eating while sitting on the floor as per elders, so let us learn what they are:-

1. Controls Weight

Sitting on the ground and getting up is considered a good daily exercise. To eat food, you have to sit on the floor and then get up again, this posture of semi-Padmasana.

2. Reduces Blood pressure

Sitting on the floor puts pressure on the lower part of your spinal cord, thus making your body feel comfortable & stable. This causes your breath to slow down, the muscle strain decreases and blood pressure decreases.

3. Improves Digestion

Your stomach muscles are continuously working through continuous bending and then backbone, due to which your digestion improves.

4. Strengthens Body’s internal organs

When you sit in Padmasan, your stomach, lower back, and hip muscles are constantly stretching, due to which you can get rid of pain and discomfort. If this stretch remains constant in muscle, then it can improve health.

5. Strengthens heart

Sitting in the right posture leads to better circulation of blood in your body and at the same time you feel less pressure in the nerves. Blood transfusion plays an important role in digestion. The role of the heart is crucial in running the digestive system smoothly. When food is digested quickly, the heart will also have to work less.

6. Exercise of knees

Sitting on the ground, while eating leads to bending of knees thus making them flexible in old age as well if you start young.

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