How To Get Rid of Skin Tags On face and Neck


The human papilloma virus is the most well-known formation of a benign character. Carriers are found more than 60% of people on the globe. Many people do not take this disease seriously, but in vain. Code ICD 10 (international classification of diseases, revision 10) puts the virus in the class of “infectious, parasitic diseases”.women sad

He passes into malignant neoplasms on the skin, regenerating into a cancer of the oncogenic type. In the article we will consider, whether it is necessary to remove the papilloma, what methods are used at home.

The skin tags are benign in nature and appear on the body as an elongated process of a small size (0.2-10 mm). Occurs on the skin surface, to which it is attached with the help of a pedicle. Can appear on the neck, on the forehead, face (as in the photo below), less often – in the armpits. The neck is also susceptible to the appearance of condyloma. The representatives of the weaker sex have a benign formation also on the labia and the mammary glands.

Papilloma on the body – what to treat different types of papillomas

In medicine, about a hundred varieties of HPV are known. Many species do not harm, but there are those that cause the development of malignant tumors in humans.

Consider the main varieties of the virus:

1. Simple papilloma. She looks like a protruding cone. Its diameter is insignificant (about 1 mm). Locations of the dislocation: fingers, soles of the feet and knees.

2. Flat neoplasms . Outwardly very much resemble a round flat cone, which has angles. The color is the same as the skin. More common on the face and arms. Can cause unpleasant sensations in the form of itching.

3. Threadlike . The most common option. They appear in the groove, armpits, around the eyes of people older than 40-50 years. Such formations do not pass by themselves, they can hurt and become inflamed.

4. Pointed . Sexual transmission is the most common. Outwardly they resemble a growth in the form of a nipple. They occur on the mucous membranes of the genital organs. Sometimes they are difficult to notice, so there is a possibility of developing cancer, if the growths are not treated and not removed.

5. Plantar . Outwardly protrudes above the sole of the foot, has a rim. The surface is rough, with a pattern. When walking, it can hurt. Occurs in children at an early age, eventually disappears.

On the face more often there are simple and flat outgrowths. Some people believe that warts are also a kind of papilloma. An erroneous opinion is caused by the fact that they are visually similar to each other. The main differences are that the locations of the warts are different (elbows, hands, knees, legs), outwardly they represent growths with clear boundaries of different colors, rough to the touch. They are easier to remove without resorting to radical methods.

Treatment of papilloma in hair – how to remove unpleasant warts

There are unpleasant growths in the hair. To get rid of them make a decoction of 5 kg of green leaves of chestnut. Before preparing the drug, they are washed and placed in a bucket. Then pour boiling water, bring to a boil, clean in a dark place and cover with a lid. The broth is poured into the bath, previously diluted with running water. Below is a papilloma on the head in the hair photo.

How to get rid of Tags on the face

Many people think that the papillomas on the face are benign, so you do not have to deal with the problem and get rid of the build-up. However, consider this point: even if the nature is benign, it can degenerate and lead to autoinfection, increasing the area of ​​spread to other tissues.

Before removing the papillomas from the face, determining HPV will help the PCR method, which will determine the type (flat or transitional cell), the amount and oncogeneity of the virus. If the growths need to be removed, the doctor will prescribe an additional (histological, cytological) medical examination.

Let’s consider, in what way it is better and more effective to remove the growths independently, without the use of radical methods. To get rid of skin problems, you can buy a medical product or make a tincture of herbs.

The canals can be removed by performing simple actions:
• buy an alkaline drug “Superchistotel”. Burn the affected area, warning him of a relapse;
• purchase a freezing drug (ointment, aerosol) in the pharmacy. When applied within a week, it is possible to remove the growths quickly and painlessly;
• Use a sticky tape that is attached to the affected area. After wet in the water. This procedure allows you to remove an unpleasant build-up easily.

The causes of papilloma on the face – from what appears?

The danger of this disease lies in the fact that from the moment of infection to obvious symptoms, months, or even years, pass. In addition to the face, growths can affect any organ: be on the head, in the hair. Therefore, it is so important to remove the tumor in time.

Causes and treatment of papillomas on the face of the cause and treatment:
• by contact-household (for example, skin damage)
• during infection of the virus from the carrier to the blood of an uninfected person (for example, during depilation of legs, blood transfusion, in dental offices during manipulations, during labor) ;
• infection often occurs sexually. Neoplasms affecting the genital organs in women, subsequently cause cancer of the cervix. They accumulate in large quantities and cause discomfort.

Important! If a person has reduced immunity, then infection occurs more often. Visit infectious disease specialist, immunologist. The doctor examines, appoints stimulating and supporting agents. In this case, the question of whether it is possible to remove the papilloma, decide with a specialist.

Home remedies for Skin Tags on the face

Traditional medicine offers many recipes to remove education.

How to fight at home with papillomas we will consider below:

  1. take pink potatoes, peel it from the peel and grate it on a fine grater. Express the juice. Infusion drink half a glass twice a day before eating;
  2. prepare celandine, spruce and potatoes. Put all the ingredients in a jar in a ratio of 1: 1: 1, pour alcohol. Insist 14 days. Lubricate the areas with malignancy 3 times with an interval of 2-3 minutes;
  3. use laundry soap. To do this, it is necessary to rub the build-up with a tool;
  4. take wheat flour and vinegar. Blend the mixture on the affected area for several hours;
  5. ammonia is an effective remedy for combating warts. To do this, make compresses with ammonia raster.

The appearance on the face of any neoplasms delivers a non-aesthetic appearance to its owner.

Consider what you need to do to remove the build-up.

Before removing the build-up:
• minimize contact with water;
• Avoid exposure to ultraviolet light;
• give up water procedures (bath, swimming pool).

Ointment from papillomas on the face with celandine how to cook

Compress with juice of walnuts and celandine will help to remove growths in the form of moles. The reviews show that the celandine is excreted faster, if the affected area is parboiled before application, and the place is smeared with cream. Do this procedure often, within a week.

You can prepare ointment with celandine. To do this, take 1 part of the plant juice and 4 parts of petroleum jelly. To make a cream with celandine, take 2 tablespoons of herbs. Pour it into a container of water (100 ml). Boil, stirring, over low heat until half of the liquid boils. Add the resulting component to the cream (you can take a moisturizer).

Flat papillomas on the face and neck – folk remedies

Use the following inexpensive and affordable methods:
• Take the egg white, lubricate the affected areas throughout the day, applying the following on top of the dried layer;
• Use aloe juice and plant pulp in combination with fresh onions. Apply every hour to an infected place;
• a combination of garlic and sea buckthorn oil – an effective remedy for growths on the face and neck.

Do not reassure yourself that the problem is solved. If folk remedies do not help, consult a doctor. Qualified specialists will help and will help to remove the tumor quickly and without consequences.

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