How To Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles – 5 Tips


Wrinkles are the signs of aging of your skin. Different people get wrinkles at a different stage of life mainly due to skin type, nutrition, and care.Wrinkles under eyes

The leading cause of wrinkly is the UV light of the sun and the so-called free radicals that form by radiation. The radicals are chemical atoms or molecules which have a free electron and are therefore extremely reactive, ie, they immediately produce a chemical reaction in conjunction with other chemical substances. They settle on the skin and react strongly with oxygen, which is called oxidation. Cell structures are destroyed, which not only changes the skin but can also be carcinogenic.

1.Avocado Oil for facial Cleansing

Dip your fingertips into Avocado oil and dab some droplets gently on the upper and lower eyelid margin. After a few applications, it ensures that your wrinkles in the eye area can be cleared quickly and that they look fresh and lively.

2.Almond Oil Against Eye Folds

Just one tablespoon of oily home remedy against eye wrinkles is enough to avoid the small wrinkles around the eyes. After the nightly cleansing, distribute the oil around your eyes and remove the residue after a 20 minute exposure period with a cotton ball. If you prefer to have it over night, help with the two oils also applied wheat germ oil around the eyes.

3.Natural Protection Against Free Radicals

Fortunately, there are enough substances in nature that are called radical antioxidants. These elements prevent the radicals from reacting with oxygen and thus damaging the skin. These vitamins include the vitamins A, C and E, the coenzyme Q10.

However, it is also possible to protect not only through outer application but also using foods which contain the vitamins mentioned above, ie fruits and vegetables. As already mentioned, free radicals are not only a problem for the skin, but can also destroy all body cells and also promote the formation of cancer. A natural anti-aging prophylaxis (prevention against aging of the skin) is therefore required.

4.Sun Protection

Furthermore, you should be careful not to expose your skin to excessive sun exposure and to protect it with good sun protection products. With an after-sun milk, which is applied after sun exposure, the skin also receives further protection and important nutrients.

Thus, without special anti-aging products, one can contribute to the protection against the premature aging of the skin. Wrinkling is a sign of natural skin aging. In order to prevent excessive premature wrinkles, protection against environmental influences, in particular, excessive UV light as well as the so-called free radicals, is necessary.

5.Using Beeswax

If you discover annoying wrinkles when you look at the mirror in the morning, you can make a self-made beeswax cream. Heat 10 grams of beeswax in a pot until melted, then add 3 tablespoons of honey. Let your cream cool down and apply a thin layer of it around your eyes. You will soon be able to determine how the small wrinkles in the eye area diminish.

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