Games & Activities for Hyperactive Child


There are a series of exercises and activities indicated for the treatment of childhood hyperactivity, which allow hyperactive children to overcome their problems. In this article, we list the activities to be performed with the hyperactive child, within the proposed treatment for this childhood disorder.swimming pool

Exercises for the development of physical abilities

a) Exercises to develop conditional physical abilities:

  • Force.
  • Speed.
  • Resistance.

b) Exercises to develop the coordinative physical capacities:

  • Balance.
  • Coordination.
  • Rhythm.
  • Spatial Orientation.

c) Exercises for the development of fine motor skills.
d) Respiratory exercises.
e) Exercises to develop the Concentration of Attention.
f) Relaxation exercises.
g) Exercises to develop Mental Agility.



20 Games were selected which are aimed at developing the concentration of attention, precision, coordination, rhythm, power of analysis, socialization as well as eliminating or diminishing aggression and violence.

Musical and recreational activities for children

They were used for the purpose of developing rhythm, coordination, concentration of attention, recognition of body schema and body expression among other aspects.

The selected songs were:

  • Smurfs
  • The little dogs.
  • My Flowery Garden.
  • Small Sportsmen
  • The Trencito.
  • Little fishermen.
  • My cock.


  • Taiji Style Exercises (Tai Chi)

    • Natural posture
    • Breathing Bubble
    • Remove and Sink the Moon from the Lake.
    • Languages ​​of the Dragon.
    • Recoveries
    • Dispersions
    • Natural posture

    Qigong exercises (Chikung):

    • Nourish the Qi.
    • Incorporate and condense the Qi with Mudra Oval.
    • Circulations.
    • Nourish the Qi.
    • Recoveries.
    • Dispersions.
    • Natural posture.
  • Individual Psychotherapy.Conversations and talks were held with the aim of obtaining information and modifying behaviors through suggestion and rationalization.

Orientation on the ” Schools of Parents ”

There must be 12 sessions of treatment, the first being an open session where parents freely express the difficulties they have with their children, trying to detect patterns of abandonment, affective lack, divided authority, potentially traumatic events (family conflicts, divorce), inadequate educational methods of parents and relatives, etc.

In the following sessions lectures and conferences are given to parents with the aim of having a greater knowledge about the characteristics, causes and consequences of Hyperactivity, as well as working in relation to inappropriate attitudes, offering solutions to some individual problems that can present the parents.

In the last session the conclusions of the treatment will be given, where the categories of High and High Improved will be given, where the first one is given to the children who have solved their problem. The second category (High Improved) will be granted in the case of students who overcome part of the problem but not totally and therefore must be incorporated into a new treatment.

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