Foods For Better Performance While Exercising


Exercise is one of the things we must do to keep our bodies healthy , but it is perhaps the most difficult thing to do.gym-excercise

One of the factors that prevent us from committing to exercise is the lack of energy , because sometimes we feel we are too tired to exercise, and therefore we do not give enough to get all the benefits of physical activity.

Our body is like a vehicle, and it needs enough fuel to be able to walk and function in the right way.

And this fuel can be obtained from food.

If you have a lack of energy, then it’s time to start adding some foods to your diet that will give you the vitality you need to give your best in your workouts.
For this you need to build a good diet for athletes , and here you can get some excellent advice so you can begin to identify which foods are good for your body.

Remember that exercising is an activity that will demand a lot from your body , so you should pay close attention to the signals your body sends.

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1. Integral Bread

Carbohydrates are the group of foods that provide energy to your muscles ; but since what you want is to maintain the weight, you must take care what kind of carbohydrates you are consuming.

You must include complex carbohydrates in your diet , and eliminate those with wheat flour as the main ingredient.

For this reason, wholemeal bread is your perfect ally when you exercise, since it is a good carbohydrate that will help keep your glucose levels in balance; and it will give you the energy you need to exercise.

2. Honeyhoney

Honey is also composed of carbohydrates , which provide energy to your body, making it ideal for when you are going to run or to do an intense cardiovascular exercise.

The advisable thing is that you consume a spoonful of 100% pure honey of bee before carrying out your exercise, and if you wish to have a good recovery you can consume a spoonful after having exercised.

3. Handle

The amount of vitamins and minerals contained in this delicious tropical fruit will help your immune system to be stronger, which will give you more vitality.

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4. Dried fruits

The nuts are loaded with fiber, which is slowly absorbed , so you will get a prolonged effect of energy action.

For this reason, nuts are considered long-lasting energy , and are very good for when you are going to perform a moderate activity. The recommended portion is a handful only.


5. Peanut butter

Peanut butter, besides being very delicious , can provide healthy fats to your body and calcium that will help protect your bones.

You can accompany your slice of wholemeal bread with a little peanut butter before doing an exercise of intense effort or that lasts more than an hour.

Here you have some good foods that you can add to your diet.

Take advantage of its benefits so that you have more energy when exercising.

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