Eye Exercises To Enhance Eyesight


eye-care-tipsFor a good eight hours, many people watch a computer screen every day. This quickly tires your eyes. Especially contact lens wearers then know the typical veil that lies on the lens and obscures the view. There are a few simple eye exercises that will help you to keep your eyes open after a long day at work.

After a few hours on the computer, the eyes start to itch, burn, or the feeling of having small grains of sand in the eye. The view is then often clouded. That’s because we are often focused on the screen and blink less. In addition, in many people, the protective layer of fat that lies on the surface of the eye is too thin. As a result, the tear film breaks quickly and the eyes dry out.

In the pharmacy, there are various eye drops and gels that act like artificial tears and moisten the eyes.

Good water intake helps combat dry eyes. Get a large bottle of water ready so you always have it handy. So do not forget to take fluid regularly. Give your eyes regular breaks. Eye yoga is suitable for this.

Here are some exercises For Eye To Enhance Vision

Blinking Eyes:

Look into the distance and blink ten to fifteen times in quick succession. At the end, keep your eyes closed for 20 seconds.

Side View:

Take turns as far as you can to the right and left. Keep each side glance for five seconds before switching sides. Look at each page about 10-20 times.

Look into the distance:

At least once per hour you should look up from the screen and look out of the window into the distance. Look as far away as possible for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds on the screen and so on.

Eyes Circle:

Keep your head still and begin to slowly circle your eyes. Try to make as big a circle as possible without moving your head – for about 20 seconds.

Close your Eyes

Close your eyes for a few seconds. As a result, a tear film forms under the eyelid, which calms the eyes.

Repeat the exercises several times a day. It’s always best if you get the feeling that your eyes start to itch or burn.

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