Drink Water 30 Days And Look 10 Years Younger


drink waterAlthough it is a habit acquired since childhood, it is surprising to meet people who admit to consuming little and even no water a day. Artificial soda or flavored drinks have replaced the vital liquid.

According to a UK study published in the Daily Mail, one in five women consumes less water than their recommended daily intake. The consequences? tiredness, irritability and premature aging.

There are many sources to hydrate, but without a doubt, natural water is the best. “We are 70-80 percent of the human body’s water and unfortunately we do not store it like other things, so you have to be constantly replenishing it,” says Ana Villarreal, a nutritionist. “The benefits are to maintain body temperature, to stay stable, to transport nutrients, etc.”

The amount of water to be taken depends on the person and their physical and environmental characteristics, but in general, eight glasses distributed throughout the day. “It is not that you do not take anything and at night you take the two liters, because your body resents it, it is an overload that you put to the kidneys. It must be balanced during the day.


The challenge. British experts propose the following water consumption formula to look younger. Drink 3 liters of water daily for 30 days.

One of the documented examples of this test is English Sarah Smith , 42, and mother of 2 daughters. Who before the exercise felt 50 years old, fatigued and suffered from frequent headaches. Sarah felt much better after the experiment: the cellulite practically disappeared, as did the dark circles and patches of the skin and lost a couple of kilos. The wrinkles around the eyes and lips thinned, look really younger.BEFORE-AFTER-30-DAYS-WATER

Specialists suggest starting the water challenge as a detox for 30 days.

Drink 2 glasses of natural water 30 minutes or more before each meal.


The ideal is to distribute 8 glasses during the day: on waking, in the middle of the morning, before eating, after eating, mid-afternoon, before dinner, after dinner and before bed.

* Have bottles or water-filled thermos that are visible to naked eye in the refrigerator and in the pantry to make it easier to decide what to drink.

* Choose a special point like the keys of the car, to leave a thermos or bottle with water every day and take it before leaving the house.

* Add small pieces of fresh fruit to the water containers at home, for a better taste and enjoyment.

* Activate one or more alarms on the cell phone to get a water reminder.

* Set a time of rest at work to drink a glass of water a day and make it a habit.

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