How To Cut Back On Eating For Losing Weight


saying no to gluten foodProbably, you had to fall into the situation, when instead of “a cup of coffee” with a friend you eat a couple of cakes, a piece of cookie, “a little” sweets and some other “little” dessert. And in fact, to eat at all it would not be desirable, but “for the sake of company” the present gluttony has turned out. So question arises how to cut back on eating and lose weight.

Overeating is the worst thing we can do with ourselves because sooner or later it causes serious health problems: there is excess weight, hypertension, stomach diseases develop, there is a risk of getting both diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. What can we say about the fact that it is about “a lot of things” that broke not one dream of a beautiful figure.

To begin with, that in general there is less – no panacea. If you are engaged in sports, heavy physical labour, you must eat fully. But if you spend the whole day in the office, coming off the chair for only a couple of minutes – you need to eat less all the same.

Why can’t I eat less?

To learn to eat less, we need to understand why we overeat. Specialists in psychology among the main reasons called the following:

  • Guilt

Ever since childhood, we have learned: you can not leave food on a plate, it’s a sin not to be enough of a piece of bread. Now, even becoming adults and not being under the vigilant gaze of my grandmother, we still eat up. On a visit, we are uncomfortable before the hostess, in the restaurant – because it is paid. As a result, we consume more calories than necessary.

  • Friendly gatherings and business meetings

During a conversation with a friend, we can not even notice that we put the second piece of cake on our plate. And business negotiations, which are now often held “at lunch” – is an automatic meal, dictated not by a sense of hunger and not an appetite.
The necessity of compensation. “Delicious” we often compensate for what we lack. Stress with candies, we struggle with chocolate with a bad mood. And the need for yummies is experienced by people who do not have enough love.

Forming Right Eating Habits

We offer useful recommendations, how to learn to eat less and control the calorie content of food. If you adhere to such rules for several weeks, they will become a habit and you will not be harder to eat less.

1. Eat slowly

Enjoy food and learn to have fun with food. Paying attention to everything that you eat, you can gradually move to conscious nutrition, and accordingly – reduce the number of calories. You will learn to distinguish real hunger and emotional – when you want to chew on the “nerves” or “there is nothing to do.” Eat in a quiet environment, thoroughly chew food. Do not hurry and do not look with one eye in the plate, and the other – in the computer monitor. In practice, you can arrange this: set a timer, for example, for 20 minutes. And for lunch, allocate just that much time.

2.”Puppet” dishes instead of a basin

In fact, we are not talking about toy plates, but just about smaller dishes. Remember the proverb “you can eat with your eyes”. If you use large plates and fill them with food, really, you eat more. Better change your dishes to a smaller one – put less, eat less.

3.Control your weaknesses

Each of us has our favourite products, in which we can not afford to refuse. To free yourself from addiction, realize this fact. Think about why you always want, for example, candy or ice cream. What can I do to keep myself in hand? For example, make a list of mainly “dangerous” products and places where they come to your eyes. If it’s sweets, go around the counter with them in the store and do not go to dinner with a colleague at the bakery.

4.Keep a food diary

This is one of the best ways to learn less is. If you record everything that was eaten during the day, it will be an incentive to approach your diet and limit your calorie intake more consciously. Do not forget to include all drinks and snacks.

5.Be sure to have breakfast

No wonder dieticians say that breakfast is the most important meal. Scientists have already proved: people who have breakfast have a smaller body mass index and during the day consume fewer calories. After all, if you “recharge” energy in the morning, you will not experience wolfish hunger for dinner. Morning meal is an essential food habit that you need to develop. Accustom yourself gradually: with small portions of useful products.

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