How To Check Pregnancy At Home By Home Remedies


There are times when the period is delayed but it is too soon to go to the doctor and you do not want to go to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. It could be because the pharmacist in your neighborhood already knows you for so long that you have been looking to stay in state or you just do not want to spend any money every time you get nervous and you are delayed a few days. So the question arises how to check pregnancy at home by home remedies? We can surely solve our dilemma using things we already find in our home.pregnancy

Home Remedies to Know if You’re Pregnant

1.Homemade Pregnancy Test With Urine & Oil

The oil test to find out how to know if you are pregnant without testing is one of the oldest and most trusted by our grandmothers. It is advisable to use the first-morning urine. Urinate in a transparent container where we can see the results. Let the sample cool down for at least half an hour (depending on the temperature you make it may need to be left over) and cover it with foil or foil to prevent anything falling during this time of rest.

All the elements we use must be very clean and dry so that nothing external can interfere with these home pregnancy tests and vary the result.

As long as we have the cold urine we are going to throw two drops of oil if you have a dropper will be easier. It is essential that the two drops are separated at opposite ends of the vessel.

Now it’s time to wait. In this case, we only have to be three minutes with the uncertainty, although if you are very anxious, you can become eternal. After three minutes we look again if the two drops of oil have been gathered then you are pregnant if they continue at opposite points you are not pregnant.

2.Homemade Pregnancy Test With Toothpastetoothpaste

These homemade tricks to know if I am pregnant are mainly very simple to use, with the advantage of being able to do them from home with things that we all have at hand. For example, toothpaste. Did you know that toothpaste is one of the most successful home-made home pregnancy tests? Perhaps because of how simple it is to do it or precisely because of the availability of the product, who does not have toothpaste at home?

Performing this test is very easy. We take a toothpaste that is totally white and clear, in a small container we mix the urine with a little toothpaste and let it stand for around 5 minutes. If the mix changes color to a blue tone, congratulations! You seems to be pregnant! If it remains unchanged, it indicates a negative.

3.Homemade Pregnancy Test With Penduleumpendulum

For this pregnancy test which takes less time and although according to popular belief is also the most reliable.A home pendulum is perhaps the most original of home remedies to know if you are pregnant and according to “the grandmothers” . In order to perform this test, you need a needle, a not very fine thread and a person to help you in which you trust, either the possible father or a good friend.

Begin by threading the needle and joining the two ends of the thread with a knot, which is a distance between needle and knot of about twenty centimeters, neither long nor short. Give it to whoever is going to help you, who must take it by the knot, letting the needle fall.

Now you should lie on your back completely flat, without pillows or cushions. Anyone who helps you should put the pendulum needle on your gut at a distance of 10-15 centimeters and look at the needle, if you stay completely still you are not pregnant and if you move yes you are. There are those who say that if it moves in a circular way you will have a girl and if you do it in a straight line it will be a child.

This is the home remedy to know if there is the pregnancy that less confidence inspires us, but in any case, as an anecdote or to spend a fun time, we find it very curious, but in no case, we should ignore 100% since as you imagine, it is a circumstantial test .

4.Homemade Pregnancy Test With Urine Heating

In this homemade pregnancy trick to know if I am pregnant is as simple as to urinate in a glass, to pour it into a container that we can put to boil and to let it cook for a while. If we notice that a layer is formed at the top, the result is positive, while if it is maintained without any noticeable texture change, the result is likely to be negative.

5.Urine Transparency Test

This is one of the home remedies to know if you are pregnant simpler, in addition, you will only need your urine, a clear glass container (remember to make sure it is clean) and a lot of patience.

You will just have to urinate into the container and wait an hour for it to cool without moving it, while doing something else that makes you forget the subject, like watching a movie.You can set the alarm if you want to be reminded.

Two things can happen, something similar to a “drool” on our urine or that it has been clarified. It is best to take a photo of the before and after so that we do not misinterpret the result. If we have those “stains” the result will be positive, you are pregnant; if on the contrary, the urine is clearer the result is negative and you are not pregnant.


Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is essential, therefore, the sooner you leave your doubts and know how to know if you are pregnant is paramount, even if you start using a home pregnancy test it is always helpful to double check with a gynaecologist.

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